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Lending Review 2021



Constantly making waves in the open seas of cryptocurrency is a platform that stands undisputed for what it offers to the customers. wikibinhduong.comnce is one of the most popular cryptocurrency lending protocols. Operating to integrate cryptocurrency-based finances into the lives of daily users, wikibinhduong.comnce offers various services for individuals who wish to take part in DeFi (decentralized finances).

DeFi protocols have already taken over most of the significant market. Still, wikibinhduong.comnce provides one of the highest returns on crypto investments and enables the users with numerous functionalities and features. The cryptocurrency finance ecosystem has rarely witnessed a protocol that is as diverse as the decentralized finance protocol of Yearn.

Quick Overview of wikibinhduong.comnce

  • is one of the leading lending protocols in the domain of DeFi.
  • The annual percentage yields of the platform are also some of the highest across the industry.
  • protocol didn’t offer YFI tokens upon its initial release, which inspires even greater belief in the complete decentralization of the platform.
  • The list of services offered by wikibinhduong.comnce includes vaults, flash loans, and lending, etc.
  • Other features like Zap provide users with a way to prevent additional costs like gas fees.
  • Various exchanges across the world support the protocol.

What Is wikibinhduong.comnce? is a DeFi protocol that offers some of the highest annual percentage yields compared to various DeFi protocols. The protocol allows the users to deposit money directly into the liquidity pools and earn interests. The service of the vault (crypto-based software wallet) comes with a 2% yearly fee for maintenance. can be considered a platform with impeccable security standards, and the governance lies with only YFI holders, making it a self-governed platform. This implies that the finance community that uses the protocol will monitor it (where one token has one vote). wikibinhduong.comnce also offers easy and streamlined ways to liquidate funds. Review – Platform Interface

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How Does wikibinhduong.comnce Work?

The protocol stands as a medium among the lenders and borrowers while providing other services like vaults (software wallets). wikibinhduong.comnce multiple platforms and exchanges support finance, and users can opt for the compatible platforms based on their regions. wikibinhduong.comnce charges a small fee for various services and features that it brings to the table. is a community governed environment similar to the events that occurred this year; if the YFI token holders agree, then the token supply can be inflated. This can be considered a sign to pay attention to the valuable token that YFI is.

History of wikibinhduong.comnce

When it was initially launched, Yearn. A different name referred to finance. It used to be known as iEarn in its very first days. After being compromised, it was rebranded, and one of the most decentralized projects was now operating under new leadership. Since then, the security measures were taken to new heights and made it a platform that might be regarded as the safest DeFi protocol by some individuals.

Introduction of its own YFI token gave, now wikibinhduong.comnce, the boost that it needed at the time. Succeedingly, the launch of vaults enabled the platform to raise a high amount of funding. Most of the DeFi lending protocols (decentralized finance protocols) do not survive such journeys, but wikibinhduong.comnce is unique in its ways.

Features of wikibinhduong.comnce

Several features set wikibinhduong.comnce apart from its competitors and serve as an incentive for the users. The protocol offers wikibinhduong.comnce, wikibinhduong.comnce, wikibinhduong.comnce and wikibinhduong.comange. As the names suggest, these are the corresponding service names for liquidating the assets, trade or swap cryptocurrencies, or borrow finances.

The decision-making process gets easier when one looks at the offerings of other protocols and the ratio of profits that wikibinhduong.comnce is reputed for. The APY (or also known as annual percentage yields) is some of the highest in the industry because most other financial instruments or DeFi platforms are not decentralized to the extent that this protocol is. Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Offers some of the highest returns on investments. The protocol has reached its peak number of tokens, and thus, no more supply can be generated. wikibinhduong.comnce maintains a high level of security. wikibinhduong.comnce’s platforms face fierce competition, and the handful of limitations might prove to be a dealbreaker for some users. Its net value that is locked has surpassed $5 Billion. finance alternatives to wikibinhduong.comnce are offering tokens that are scarce and can be minted.

Services Offered by wikibinhduong.comnce

Crypto investments, flash loans, swapping of digital assets constitute the services offered by the platform. Through YFI tokens, users can take part in votes and govern the protocol and its future. Zap is one of the most intuitive services that wikibinhduong.comnce brings to the market. Through Zap, users can “zap” funds in and out of the curve pools, thereby saving on the gas fees that come with transactions.

Registered users can also monitor their dashboards from within the platform and supervise their assets’ values. Earning cryptocurrency is also an easy task through the platform. By becoming a part of the liquidity pool, the assets become eligible to get returns based on the demand/supply in the market.

How to Use wikibinhduong.comnce?

The users who want to use wikibinhduong.comnce must connect their respective wallets/exchange platforms with wikibinhduong.comnce’s protocol. Individuals should take note of the crypto lending platforms that are supported by and are compatible with the DeFi protocol. The list of supported wallets includes Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Ether. However, keep in mind that the list of available wallets will change based on the geographic region. Reviews – wikibinhduong.comnce Vaults

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When it comes to using the vault, the steps include entering the platform, selecting the option to invest, and choosing from the list of vaults that are displayed. Each vault comes with some unique functionalities, and individuals can choose based on their needs. While it comes to buying wikibinhduong.comnce, users from a few select nations can also get rewards in cash backs that refund 10% of the trading fee charged from the users.

YFI Token Details

An ERC-20 serves as the heart of the YFI token that is the primary token of the platform. At the time of launch, there were no pre-supplied tokens from the protocol, and thus, all had to be mined. YFI tokens can be earned by offering assets to wikibinhduong.comnce.

YFI tokens are also the governance tokens of the wikibinhduong.comnce protocol. There have been rumors of releasing a second iteration of the token because the current limit of the maximum number of tokens has been reached (which is 30,000). And As the value of the token fluctuates, the protocol’s scalability also gets affected. Reviews – YFI Token

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The YFI token is the governance token of the protocol, and the users who hold YFI tokens are also authorized to vote. Each token carries one vote, and thus, the more votes one user has, the more would be their weightage.

At the very least, 33% of the users have to agree when it comes to significant changes or new proposals for the wikibinhduong.comnce’s ecosystem, although if 25% of the users stand against it, it can be vetoed as well. And over half of the token holders would have to agree for a proposal to be passed. Earn Product

The Earn product offered by wikibinhduong.comnce is said to swap profits for the users who lend assets to the protocol, which are then borrowed. This product automatically moves user funds through the Aave, Compound, etc. It further aims to find the highest or best interest rates for the lent assets to the protocol. The individuals can manually deposit funds such as USDT, sUSD, USDC, DAI, etc.

The interest rates for each asset may vary, and yield generation would result from that phenomenon. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Earn is a genuinely one-of-its-kind tool that can aggregate the data across all marketplaces and deliver the most returns. Reviews – wikibinhduong.comnce Earn Product

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How to Choose Your Wallet at wikibinhduong.comnce Wallet? supports numerous reputable software wallets that are based on or keep the tokens of the Ethereum blockchain. A few examples of such wallets are MetaMask, Ledger, Fortmatic, Torus, Opera. The DeFi market provides many wallets that users can go with, provided the protocol supports them.

Once the wallet has been registered, it can then be used to trade or use any of finance yearn services. Users can use the wallets through their browsers, apps, or hardware wallets, depending on their scenario. Since these wallets would be based on the ETH blockchain, it can also be a place to store the finance token of the platform. Reviews – Choose Your Wallet at wikibinhduong.comnce?

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Why Is YFI Important?

YFI is the underlying token of the wikibinhduong.comnce protocol and thus can be used for various purposes on the platform. In addition to being a digital asset, YFI is also the governance token of the platform. Each token equates to an equal value of vote on the platform.

Furthermore, the platform’s value is ever-growing (which results from multiple revenue streams), so the token would only increase the users’ profits as the platform continues to grow. The individuals who seek to invest in YFI can earn the yield optimized tokens by offering assets to the protocol and get tokens in return, albeit new tokens are not being minted because the limit has been reached. Future

Unlike other DeFi platforms, wikibinhduong.comnce has solidified its presence in the DeFi sector and can be considered one of the more reputed players in the game. With rumors of the launch of a new token and the brand reputation, wikibinhduong.comnce appears to have its best days ahead of it as the users start to take advantage of the features and functionalities that it provides the users with. Investing in wikibinhduong.comnce has the potential to turn out to be a great opportunity if the platform continues to rise. Customer Service

To reach the team behind the protocol, users can get in touch with the help of various social media channels of the brand that are shared on the website. Telegram is one of the more popular methods to contact the community or other YFI token holders. This might also be one of the quickest ways since few members are generally always online to provide all the assistance, although this wouldn’t include investment advice of any kind. Review: Conclusion

For the users who focus their trades on Ethereum blockchain and are looking to either borrow or lend digital assets, wikibinhduong.comnce offers a palette of unique features and can provide unparalleled returns on investments. Some features such as Zap are not observed in the entire market and can prove to be a powerful tool for advanced traders who are looking to save a few bucks on trading fees. More details here.

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Is wikibinhduong.comnce Safe? is known to have some of the best safety measures on its platform, and although it has been exploited in the past, the protocol now is highly regarded by the experts in terms of safety. And the users who prefer hard or cold storage wallets, the risks are negligible if they store their assets offline.

How Do You Make Money With wikibinhduong.comnce?

To make money with wikibinhduong.comnce protocol, users need to connect their respective Ethereum wallets compatible with the platform. Once the wallet is connected, the users have to deposit assets (by selecting invest option through the platform), becoming part of the lending pool and return interests.

What Was the Starting Price of wikibinhduong.comnce?

The price of the YFI token varies depending on the market and other DeFi coins. However, the users can invest in tokens for a fraction of their total amount, similar to other assets. The price charged by the protocol for vault service is 2% per annum.

Is wikibinhduong.comnce Legit? serves a large user base, offers good security, and has gained respect for the mix of features that it has become. The past and present both stand to make wikibinhduong.comnce appear to be a legit and trustable platform known to be industry leaders.

What Happened to wikibinhduong.comnce? has managed to become one of the most popular protocols in the world of decentralized finances. The news of the launch of a new token made wikibinhduong.comnce come to the spotlight again as the protocol users worldwide await to see the direction in which the platform steers.

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YouHodler Review 2021




YouHodler is a crypto lending space headquartered in Switzerland, offers users minimal interest loans by pledging their cryptocurrency as collateral, which helps them save funds. YouHodler is a crypto-backed loan service provider, and it is established on the idea that if the users HOLD their cryptos during down markets and sell them when the market goes up. The YouHodler exchange allows the users to borrow fiat anytime based on the present value of crypto assets. Since its inception, the platform has developed exponentially. It has become one of the well-known crypto-banks by offering its customers several supported coin investments that include BTC, UNI, ETH, BNB, etc., along with stablecoins like USDC, USDT, TUSD, DAI, PAX, and HUSD.

Understanding YouHodler

According to the YouHodler reviews, this platform was established in 2018. YouHodler offers crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto financial services. The users can get guaranteed financial returns when they deposit crypto funds; also, they can borrow funds against their crypto holdings. They can also convert cryptocurrencies to fiat money, to another crypto, or they can use stablecoins. Using YouHodler exchange, users can get cheaper fiat loans in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF using cryptocurrency as collateral. It offers several crypto investment options to users worldwide; they do not offer services to Iraq, China, Bangladesh, North Korea, and the US.

As per the YouHodler review, this exchange is a member of the blockchain association and the financial commission in Western Switzerland. It also serves as an outlet for any dispute resolution outside their platform. This platform is defined as a centralized finance service, and it has users from 180 countries. YouHodler provides compound interest that is added every week to the user’s account. If the user does not want to withdraw their interest, they can earn more profit. Further interest is calculated every 6 hours approximately.

YouHodler Review - Platform InterfaceYouHodler Review – Platform Interface

How to Use YouHodler?

Using the YouHodler platform offers a hassle-free experience. The user can find whatever they want to know about the cryptocurrency investment and the ownership of cryptos. They can use this platform to make the most out of their crypto assets.

One of the simple and efficient tools offered by the platform is the YouHodler wallet. It allows the users to hold their cryptocurrencies for investment purposes; they can also convert their fiat or crypto assets and store them in the wallet.

Using the YouHodler crypto-to-fiat wallet, the user can manage their funds, get loans, and start crypto savings account with this platform.

How to Obtain a Loan at YouHodler?

The most appealing feature of YouHodler is its capacity to offer loans to its users; this can be compared to hedging. It provides a simple and flexible option to get into the cryptocurrency market.

Their crypto-backed credit line permits the users to borrow money. They can receive money instantly; in this way, the user need not touch their crypto holdings which eliminates several risks associated with investment decision making.

The next step is to create an account, transfer more cryptos to the wallet. The user can request a loan, and they need to check all the loan options available regarding the loan duration, extend loan duration, price down limit, and the loan-to-value ratio. After clicking the loan of their choice, it gets approved in a few seconds.

The user can get back their initial collateral anytime if they repay their loan. They can also manage their loans through the in-built loan calculator.

This exchange accepts different crypto coins as collateral, and their loan-to-value ratio is offered up to 90%. This is considered a competitive price in this sector which makes them the leader in the cryptocurrency lending space.

YouHodler Reviews - Crypto Loans by YouHodlerYouHodler Reviews – Crypto Loans by YouHodler

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Services Offered by YouHodler

  • Initially, YouHodler started as a one-dimensional platform for lending. In just two years, it has evolved as a full-fledged ecosystem by offering an extensive crypto-fiat financial service. In this way, this platform helps crypto investors make the most out of the price fluctuation of the cryptocurrencies without the need to trade them.
  • The main priority for any cryptocurrency loan provider is to safeguard their cryptocurrency assets. Compared to other traditional financial institutions, cryptocurrencies are highly susceptible to security breaches; YouHodler offers users an exclusive cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to use their services safely and efficiently.
  • YouHodler’s wallet service can be accessed on the mobile device through an app, and it also offers a wallet for storing the cryptocurrencies on the platform.
  • YouHodler crypto loan lending products offer users to borrow cash using the cryptocurrency as collateral assets without selling them. This can be achieved through the crypto collateral-backed loans process.
  • Some of the other features include MultiHODL and Turbocharge, similar to margin trading tools that help users multiply a certain crypto asset using instant cash loans.
  • YouHodler savings accounts offer a high yield, and they are a safe and secure way to earn interest through stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Users interested in investing in cryptocurrencies with YouHodler to earn interest will receive their interest directly to their crypto wallet. Also, YouHodler supports not only digital currencies but also fiat.

YouHodler Review - Exchange Service by YouHodlerYouHodler Review – Exchange Service by YouHodler

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Crypto Loans Offered by YouHodler

YouHodler allows the user to deposit their crypto in their exchange for a loan in EUR or USD. This platform offers three different option crypto loans for their customers:-

If the LTV is higher, the less the crypto the user needs to deposit. If an LTV is 50%, then the user needs to deposit twice the amount of their cryptocurrencies for their loan amount. The loan fee will be charged from 2 to 8%.

How to Request a Loan at YouHodler?

Here are the steps to requesting a loan with YouHodler:-

  • This platform provides several options for applying for the first loan in fiat or Bitcoin. Also, they can use their different types of altcoins that can be pledged as collateral to process the initial loan.
  • The first step is applying for a loan online and pledging their crypto portfolio assets by making a request. The user receives the agreed loan amount in fiat currency instantly; fiat currency will be in EUR, GBP, USD, Bitcoins, or stablecoins. When the loan is repaid, they can receive their collateral back, even if the crypto value of the collateral has increased.
  • YouHodler makes the loan process much easier. The user need not wait for loan eligibility criteria or for credit checks to be completed. The first process will be completed when the user confirms their account and their collateral.

Loan Terms and Amounts of YouHodler

According to the YouHodler review, YouHodler provides various loans for the user to choose from with their own set of conditions. It offers three loan durations like 30 days with an LTV of 90%, 60 days with an LTV of 70%, and 180 days with an LTV of 50%.

The loan’s interest rate is determined by the type of loan chosen by the user and not according to the amount of collateral offered by the user. Further, all the users have the same interest rate, and one can anticipate when the community grows, there will be a further decrease in the interest rates. YouHodler has YouHodler’s affiliate program; this way, it motivates other people to invite them through referral links and earn crypto simultaneously.

YouHodler Reviews - Instant Loans from YouHodlerYouHodler Reviews – Instant Loans from YouHodler

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Features of YouHodler

Here are the important features offered by YouHodler:-

  • When it comes to generating good returns on YouHodler and getting a passive income option, YouHodler provides savings accounts for its users. This account is similar to earning interest payments from a traditional savings account. Rather than depositing fiat currencies like USD, the user deposits their cryptocurrencies.
  • When the funds are added to the account, the user will automatically earn interest, and they are paid every week. Additionally, they can keep their crypto interest in their account and earn a compounded interest if they are interested.
  • If the user is planning to hold their cryptocurrencies for the long term, but if they need urgent cash, this platform helps them to borrow fiat by pledging their cryptos as collateral. In this way, the user can get immediate access to fiat cash without selling their crypto assets. When the user repays an outstanding loan, they will get their crypto back. When the crypto prices move up, they can be assured that they will not miss out on the bull run.
  • MultiHODL is the best choice for those who like to increase their risk to get bigger rewards. MultiHODL is an innovative tool that helps users to increase their funds and to maximize their potential profits. Using MultiHODL, the users can keep 80% of their crypto deposits in their crypto savings account that offers a guaranteed fixed income. On the other hand, the remaining 20% of the assets will be allocated for speculation and high reward Investments that do not offer bigger risk.
  • One of the unique tools that the YouHodler team offers its users is Turbocharge, where they can get a chain of loans. When the user predicts a bull run, they would like to accumulate more cryptos for gaining maximum profits. With this Turbocharge feature, users can use their borrowed fiat money to repay their previous loan and purchase additional cryptos without any commission. Also, they can use their purchased crypto and pledge them as collateral for other loans.

YouHodler Reviews - Features of YouHodlerYouHodler Reviews – Features of YouHodler

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YouHodler Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Supports crypto-fiat currency and crypto-crypto conversions. It does not offer the highest returns for stablecoins when compared with other platforms. High LTV ratio and weekly compound interest. The minimum deposit is $100. Extensively monitored and safe platform. It does not provide higher Bitcoin lending returns. Offers flexible loan repayment options. The users need not undergo credit checks. The user can withdraw profit instantly. Provides up to 12% APY for stablecoins.

Earn Interest in Your Crypto on YouHodler

YouHodler is one of the great ways for users to use their digital assets and their fiat currency. In this way, the user can deposit the crypto and earn interest from it. They can do this by transferring their cryptos to their savings verified account to use different types of cryptocurrency. If the user does not have the correct crypto type, they need to convert them into fiat. Further, the user can earn returns up to 12% interest annually. Also, they can get weekly interest on the deposited crypto.

YouHodler Reviews - Earn Crypto upto 12.3% a Year with YouHodlerYouHodler Reviews – Earn Crypto upto 12.3% a Year with YouHodler

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How Do Crypto Loans Work on YouHodler?

The first step is to transfer crypto to the YouHodler wallet. This platform accepts several cryptocurrencies as collateral; it does not charge any fees for crypto withdrawals and deposits.

The approval of the instant crypto loans takes only a few seconds, and the user need not find any peer-to-peer platform for this process. They can instantly receive fiat currencies like USD, EUR, CHF, or stablecoins.

Further, crypto-backed loans are just like pawn shop secured loans. The user uses collateral to secure a loan in the crypto exchange. When the loan is repaid, the borrower gets their crypto back.

The user can get back their crypto collateral anytime, and they can repay the loan through stablecoins, personal credit card, or bank wire transfer. Get more answers from here.

YouHodler Reviews - How a Crypto Loan Works on YouHodler?YouHodler Reviews – How a Crypto Loan Works on YouHodler?

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Opening a YouHodler Savings Account

One of the easiest ways to start earning passive online income is through the savings account offered by the platform. This platform offers different stablecoins and cryptocurrencies to select from. Further, the interest rates start from 3% to 12%, and also there is a compound interest offered to the users.

To begin with, the user needs to sign up and open a savings account on the platform, verify their ID, and start depositing the cryptocurrency of their choice into their wallet. Instantly YouHodler will start calculating their interest, and they will update the earnings every 4 hours, paying the profit to the users every seven days.

Further, users can deposit funds worth $100,000 cryptocurrencies into their YouHodler account. If they want to earn interest for the amount above $100,000, they can open a MultiHODL position, thereby earning interest on the value of the entire amount.

YouHodler Crypto Wallet App

YouHodler provides a wallet app where the user can exchange, store, and spend 18 cryptocurrencies and 7 stablecoins. It also offers crypto rewards, crypto loans integrated and staking. The wallet app is available in the Google play store and Apple app store. In this way, it makes it easier for the users to manage their crypto portfolios on the go.

YouHodler Reviews - YouHodler Crypto Wallet AppYouHodler Reviews – YouHodler Crypto Wallet App

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Is YouHodler a Safe Platform?

YouHodler valuable crypto assets are insured with LedgerVault. The users can enable three-factor authentication if they have assets worth more than $10,000. YouHodler is a blockchain association member, which implies that the user can go for dispute resolution using this authority outside the platform. This platform complies with EU regulations and laws, which have a competitive edge compared with other platforms from a legal vantage. Also, it monitors the transactions and prevents illegal schemes like money laundering and fund sponsoring for terrorism.

YouHodler Security

YouHodler secures their client funds in cold storage, and it is safe and offline. YouHodler has partnered with several reputable banks in Switzerland and Europe to safely store their user’s borrowed funds. Further, it legally binds the contract and follows EU guidelines and rules. The global security leader LedgerVault secures the funds of YouHodler customers and offers an extra multi-authorization self custody method for its users.

YouHodler Customer Support

YouHodler offers the best customer support team when compared with other crypto lending platforms. It offers a dedicated help section where the users can learn about how certain products work and the platform’s loan terms and conditions. Customers can make use of their help section to research different products like Turbocharge loan or MultiHODL. The user can contact the support team through live chat or send an email to [email protected]

YouHodler Reviews - YouHodler Customer SupportYouHodler Reviews – YouHodler Customer Support

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YouHodler Review: Final Thoughts

To conclude, YouHodler is a legitimate platform and offers different features for cryptocurrency holders in various ways. This platform is well suited for cryptocurrency holders who would like to earn interest instead of keeping their cryptos idle in their wallets. As per the YouHodler review, YouHodler is not the best option for long-term borrowings as it charges high interest rates. However, if the user is looking for a short-term loan for their cash flow requirements, YouHodler is the best choice. It opens up several new opportunities for the users to save their cryptos instead of selling them. If the user needs cash, they do not have to liquidate their cryptocurrencies; they can borrow cash with a minimum interest rate.

YouHodler Reviews - Why Choose YouHodler?YouHodler Reviews – Why Choose YouHodler?

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Is YouHodler Legit?

According to the YouHodler review, YouHodler is a legit platform that offers a faster and easy way to secure a loan. It helps the users to trade and lend their cryptocurrencies all in one platform.

Can the Us Customers Use YouHodler?

According to the YouHodler reviews, this platform is not the best bet for users in need of long-term loans as interest rates are very high. But if the user needs instant money, this platform offers an easy-to-use solution. Further, US customers cannot use this platform as it is not available in the United States of America.

Where Is YouHodler Based?

YouHodler is based in Cyprus, and its operations are carried out in Switzerland.

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SpectroCoin Review 2021




SpectroCoin is a cryptocurrency that provides a platform that aims to do it all. Ever since its inception, SpectroCoin has been the choice of blockchain connoisseurs. The list of its services provides a diverse range of bitcoin options. The cryptocurrency exchange is based out of Lithuania. Catering to its niche market, the platform and its interface is well designed and crafted. At first, SpectroCoin might maintain a walled garden for the users by offering unique premiums with a controlled and limited bandwidth. But the ease of access and scope for scalability is something that shines a bright light upon its future and the possibilities that come with it.

What Is SpectroCoin?

SpectroCoin is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency platform that offers digital wallets for crypto and other currencies, prepaid debit cards, crypto-based loans, a cryptocurrency exchange, and much more. SpectroCoin accounts can be accessed via the SpectroCoin website and mobile app for leading mobile operating systems and Windows devices (on Microsoft store – for free of cost). This cryptocurrency exchange is also renowned for its attention to the safety and security of the data/information. The 2FA (two-factor authentication) is a standard safety practice for most exchanges, and SpectroCoin wallet or other services are no exception to this industry standard.

One service that sets SpectroCoin ahead of most of the competition is its IBAN service. Whether you use the SpectroCoin website or app, you can get a personal IBAN (International Bank Account Number), allowing you to send or receive funds in your SpectroCoin account under your very name. As IBAN is a globally recognized format, it delivers the ability for the users to trade with the entire world beyond the national boundaries.

SpectroCoin Review - Platform InterfaceSpectroCoin Review – Platform Interface

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How Does SpectroCoin Work?

SpectroCoin is a crypto-based exchange and platform. Like all cryptocurrencies and assets, blockchain lies at the very bottom of it all. A decentralized computing system is at the heart of crypto, and SpectroCoin has built an excellent platform on this blueprint. SpectroCoin provides an online platform to manage, trade, or exchange your cryptocurrencies and allows bank transfers, prepaid debit cards – SpectroCoin debit cards. This digital/virtual card can be redeemed for traditional online platforms, including Amazon.

Fitting in the shoes of an all-in-one platform, SpectroCoin offers brokerage as another service. As the brand quotes, you can grow by investing in funds or even finance your business. SpectroCoin brings an unparalleled list of features to the table for business-oriented features like QR codes for payment.

How to Use SpectroCoin?

Holding to the intuitiveness of the entire platform, SpectroCoin is user-friendly, and the procedures are quick & efficient. Once you have logged in to your account, you can simply select the service that you want to use. For instance, if you wish to check your BTC wallet, you can simply click/tap on the button tab that says “Bitcoin Wallet,” and the mobile app will navigate you to the details and services of your wallet. SpectroCoin wallet also allows users to create and redeem vouchers based on various cryptocurrencies supported by the exchange. To make use of this, users are to log in to their wallets and choose the option to ‘create voucher’ or ‘redeem the voucher,’ respectively, and carry out the process quickly.

SpectroCoin Reviews - About SpectroCoinSpectroCoin Reviews – About SpectroCoin

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Quick Overview of SpectroCoin

  • SpectroCoin is a versatile cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Founded in 2013, the exchange offers various digital and crypto services.
  • Offers e-wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, digital loans, prepaid debit cards, etc.
  • One of the more highly regarded exchanges, with premium features and support.
  • A higher fee to match the premium services and an impeccable score.
  • Incentives and enticing benefits for referrals.

Features and Benefits of SpectroCoin

  • SpectroCoin is accessible as a mobile app (for both Apple and Android) and a web-based version. Aside from access to all of the addresses connected with your account, the app offers cryptocurrency exchange capabilities and the ability to purchase other cryptocurrencies immediately.
  • The interface for quick purchases is meant to be as easy as possible. It is similar to platforms where individuals purchase and sell cryptocurrencies to brokers, except in the case of SpectroCoin, users trade with the firm rather than brokers.
  • One of the primary goals of SpectroCoin is to connect cryptocurrencies with fiat money. That is why so many fiat currencies may be utilized on this site.
  • Because of the platform’s many payment options, customers with varying degrees of cryptocurrency expertise may use it to convert digital money to fiat currencies or gold and back.
  • A prepaid SpectroCoin debit card is another significant feature aimed at making cryptocurrency use more convenient. This card may be used like any other payment card, but it also contains cryptocurrency storage capabilities and allows you to pay in cryptocurrency.
  • SpectroCoin provides solutions for retailers in addition to storage, exchange, and payment alternatives for cryptocurrencies. These functionalities are provided in a highly user-friendly manner (just like any other SpectroCoin option).

SpectroCoin Review - Features of SpectroCoinSpectroCoin Review – Features of SpectroCoin

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SpectroCoin Services

Instant Buying and Selling

Keeping up with other major exchanges, SpectroCoin also provides an Instant Buying and Selling feature. This can easily streamline the process if you happen to be an experienced trader instead of a novice. Individuals can also switch to fiat currencies through a few taps on their mobile apps, adding convenience for seasoned users. SpectroCoin wallet enables the users to store multiple cryptocurrencies and digital assets (such as Ethereum and Bitcoin). The availability of a Windows-based application (a step ahead of the competition) shows the variety and usage of the platform that was kept in mind for such an intuitive and expansive design.


The cryptocurrency exchange also allows the users to exchange cryptocurrency in pairs. In this case, the fee is competitive, and for BNK trading pairs, the transaction is free of cost.

Since SpectroCoin also offers free accounts, their membership or the ‘SpectroCoin Pro’ has some features that are only available inside the club. Users can exchange their cryptocurrencies with bank wires, e-wallet, or their debit card (and credit card). The platform has advanced trading tools that can help one analyze the market, thereby, make an informed and better decision.

SpectroCoin Reviews - Exchange Service by SpectroCoinSpectroCoin Reviews – Exchange Service by SpectroCoin

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SpectroCoin Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Cutting-edge features like IBAN, cards. Relatively higher premium charges. Highly responsive customer support. Lower trade volume. Intuitive interface and easy procedures. Lack of high liquidity. Globally available (except few nations). Accidental transactions cannot be undone.

How to Set Up an Account with SpectroCoin?

For new users, setting up your account is quite an easy process. One can sign up with the platform using their respective email IDs and then complete the verification process through the link shared on the registered email ID. The exchange also allows the users to sign in via Google or Facebook accounts. Setting up your account with your phone number is also necessary as the platform offers a two-step verification process.

SpectroCoin Reviews - Account Sign Up ProcessSpectroCoin Reviews – Account Sign Up Process

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SpectroCoin Fees

It’s a mixed bag of feelings when it comes to the fee and rate cards of SpectroCoin. Premium features do come with high fees, but the competitive transactional fees and extra services might be worth the extra buck for a few users. There is a limit to the monthly deposit for a few select payment options and a daily cap on all deposits. This implies that the deposit fees might be high, but there is a limit to which it can be used in the first place. Another thing to be mindful about is that there is a minimum fee on a few banking methods, although Europe-based methods such as Advcash don’t have any minimum fees. Similar to the above-mentioned deposit fees, withdrawal fees also have a minimum fee involved. The relatively high fees and rate structure could be one reason for the lack of trading volume and users. Deposit and withdrawal limits would certainly not help its case either. For more info on fees Structure click here.

SресtrоCоіn Wallet Fees

SpectroCoin charges a surplus fee (when compared to fewer premium alternatives). For depositing USD, users are charged 8.5%. There is also a minimum value of $3: this mobile wallet or the SpectroCoin wallet for cryptocurrencies charges various fees for an online wallet. To use SpectroCoin wallet, the users can get their mobile app at the respective app stores for iOS and Android mobile devices (a dedicated application is also available for Windows devices on the corresponding app store). Apart from the wallet fees, SpectroCoin wallet appears to keep the funds in offline/cold wallets, which is always a good layer of security to have.

SpectroCoin Payment Methods

SpectroCoin holds one of the most extensive payment methods under its belt. Whether you prefer Amazon gift cards or Skrill, be it SEPA bank transfers or VISA cards, there is something for every preference. SpectroCoin has ensured to add this level of convenience to make it an all-inclusive trading environment. Though payment is supported by credit and debit card, the withdrawals can not be directly made to them and might introduce a hiccup in the process.

SpectroCoin Reviews - SpectroCoin Payment MethodsSpectroCoin Reviews – SpectroCoin Payment Methods

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SpectroCoin API

The exchange also provides API solutions for the traders who wish to study the crypto market more closely and read between the fine lines of the blockchain. An API is an application programming interface where a long string of sorted and unsorted data can be exchanged. This data might be constituted of any information in a format of sets and subsets. For small exchanges or companies, API can come in handy when the stakes are higher than for individuals.

Crypto Loans by SpectroCoin

The brokerage platform allows crypto loans, digital loans that are made with blockchain wallets as their foundations. Under a cryptocurrency loan, your crypto assets can be held as collateral, which would then return to your wallet address once the loan amount is cleared. The SpectroCoin crypto loans support various currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, euro, etc. Users can use any of these cryptocurrencies and even traditional currency like Euro (only available for verified users). Interest payments are automated, and the amount will be debited from the users’ accounts monthly. An added benefit is that there is no penalty for prepayments of the loans, thus, ensuring that users are encouraged to clear the amount whenever it is convenient for them. Users can also decide the duration of their crypto loan.

SpectroCoin Card

The platform users can get a credit or debit card that can be used for non-blockchain-based mediums. This prepaid card of any desired amount is used to make payments on platforms like SEPA, Advcash, etc. By exchanging your cryptocurrencies, you can now spend it with a VISA card at any store. ATM withdrawals cost a reasonable amount of fee that is specific to the region. However, there is a limit on the total amount of funds stored on the debit card.

SpectroCoin Reviews - SpectroCoin Debit CardSpectroCoin Reviews – SpectroCoin Debit Card

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SpectroCoin Supported Currencies and Countries

Barring the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, and a few more, SpectroCoin is available worldwide. The respective laws, regulations, and policies prevent SpectroCoin from operating in those select nations. Despite this, SpectroCoin seems to grow in the remaining part of the financial world consistently. Their website shows an entire list of the supported countries, making it efficient. SpectroCoin supports over a dozen cryptocurrencies, including DASH, RIPPLE, LITECOIN, USD Coin, etc. Debit cards or credit cards can be used for buying cryptocurrencies and other online methods like Skrill, Payeer, etc.

Is SpectroCoin Safe?

With its years of consistent growth and millions of users across the world, SpectroCoin is indeed on the top of the recommendations list. A spotless track record and prompt customer support team inspire trust and safety to consider as an online wallet. The brand claims to maintain a secure environment with the help of IT experts and a dedicated team. Judging by their squeaky clean past and reputation among the users, SpectroCoin can be viewed as a safe and reliable option.

SpectroCoin Customer Support

Responsive and quick are two terms that come to mind when one thinks of customer support by SpectroCoin. Other than a handful of unpleasant ones, SpectroCoin has managed to gather positive reviews from the majority of its users. The complaints have been resolved in time, and the team tries their best to convey the stringent regulations that the exchange follows. Various third-party review portals (such as Trust Pilot – a review platform that focuses on crypto and blockchain) add to the credibility of excellent customer support by SpectroCoin.

SpectroCoin Reviews - SpectroCoin Customer SupportSpectroCoin Reviews – SpectroCoin Customer Support

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SpectroCoin Review: Conclusion

SpectroCoin seems to be a good wallet and a digital asset management solution. If one is willing to invest little extra financial resources in the brand, many features and simplicities make it a good recommendation. The impressive list of features and services stands unrivaled in the segment.


Is SpectroCoin Legit?

Based in Lithuania, SpectroCoin appears to be a legit and good digital and crypto asset management system. If you reside in one of the nations where it operates, it should be something to consider before you finalize your cryptocurrency exchange.

Is SpectroCoin a Wallet?

SpectroCoin is a wallet, crypto exchange, and digital management system, all in one. Users can trade/manage/exchange their digital assets with the crypto (and blockchain) wallets. SpectroCoin is one of the more compelling external wallets that you can use for many payments and exchanges.

How Do You Buy Bitcoins on SpectroCoin?

Buying Bitcoins on SpectroCoin is a simple process. To purchase any cryptocurrency, you should log in to the platform and add credits to your account. You can top up your account with any payment mentioned above and buy any altcoin. While buying Bitcoins, take notice of the exchange rates as transactions might be irreversible.

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BlockFi Review – Is It Legitimate?




The crypto market is ever-evolving, and many investors all over the world are showing a keen interest in cryptocurrency investments. Now that Bitcoin’s supremacy over other altcoins has ended, lesser-known cryptocurrencies like the Binance Coin, ATOM, Cardano, etc., are offering a better entry point to users for long-term financial gains. Consequently, the rising demand for these altcoins is creating demand for more cryptocurrency accounts capable of providing more interest payments for interest-bearing bank account holders. This is where platforms like BlockFi become inevitable in the crypto industry. Follow this BlockFi review for getting a thorough idea about the platform’s details.

Summary of BlockFi

  • BlockFi allows its registered users to earn compound interest on digital assets, like BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, GUSD, and PAXG.
  • It keeps crypto deposits secure.
  • The platform is available in most countries.
  • Allows users to withdraw money anytime but is limited to one free withdrawal (it also allows one free crypto withdrawal) per month.
  • BlockFi provides an attractive platform for both beginners and professional traders.

What is BlockFi?

Prior to starting BlockFi, it is a private New Jersey-based crypto assets custodian founded in August 2017 by Flori Marquez and Zac Prince. The platform allows its registered customers to take USD loans against their crypto holdings. Thus, it is a bank-like platform for cryptocurrency traders. By depositing crypto assets into their BlockFi account, traders can easily earn interest @8.6%, spend their cryptos, and trade cryptocurrencies (buy or sell crypto) without paying any cost for minimum balance or hidden fees (the platform no longer has a minimum account balance required to earn interest). The company has raised $158.7 million so far in Series C funding.

How does BlockFi work?

How Does BlockFi Works

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BlockFi is a cryptocurrency exchange platform and crypto wallet (digital wallet), which serves both individual traders and businesses as a whole. It allows traders to fund their savings account with crypto or stablecoins and USD. The platform is more like a spread business that makes money by borrowing capital at a specific interest rate (interest rate varies by currency type and fluctuates with market values) that it pays to its registered users and lending capital at a high rate that it offers for various loans backed by cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH.

BlockFi Product and Services

The platform offers the following BlockFi products and/or services to its users:

BlockFi interest accounts: This is the highlighted feature that BlockFi advertised when it first came into existence. The BlockFi interest account or BIA works much like a traditional investment scheme, or savings account on which the account holders earn interest on their investments or savings. With the BlockFi Interest account, you can earn interest on crypto deposits and fund your account with crypto or fiat currencies. As of February 2021, BlockFi pays 6% APY on BTC deposits, 8.6% APY on GUSD and USDT deposits, borrow cash, and 4.5% APY on ETH deposits.

The exchange pays interest to its customers by lending assets to corporate and institutional borrowers with high collateral. It also stores reserves with New York trust company Gemini to easily fund its customers’ withdrawals. However, traders are limited to one stablecoin and one digital currency withdrawal from the BlockFi interest account, after which each withdraw will be charged.

Funds borrowing: BlockFi lets its registered users borrow funds against their crypto holdings, paying as low as 4.5% APR on them. Many crypto users like to hold their cryptocurrency holdings instead of selling them; for them, it provides an excellent platform to use those holdings as collateral to borrow funds. As of February 2021, the BlockFi requires traders to maintain a 50% LTV (loan to value) ratio for borrowing US Dollars.

However, the LTV ratio should not fall below 50% LTV as BTC prices fluctuate rapidly, and if the BTC prices suddenly drop, traders may need to deposit more BTC as collateral to secure their BlockFi loans. With BlockFi, traders can receive their loan on the same business day they deposit the collateral to BlockFi. As long as the collateral is with the exchange, the traders can readily access their consumer loans. Moreover, the platform allows the borrowers to pay back their cryptocurrency loans as they wish to as they can pay off a portion of the balance of the total amount at a time as per their convenience.

BlockFi Products & Services

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Trading Cryptocurrencies at BlockFi: BlockFi trading allows effective digital currency trading (BTC, LTC, ETH, PAXG, etc.) or stablecoins trading (USDC, USDT, GUSD, and PAX) at competitive prices. As soon as the traders execute a trade (buy or sell) and have cryptocurrencies in their accounts, they will start earning interest. BlockFi emphasizes instant trade, at better pricing than its competitors, with immediate interest accrual.

Institutional services: BlockFi links the cryptocurrency world with the institutional world by allowing its registered users to enjoy secure cryptocurrency trading, borrowing or lending crypto coins, earning returns on their holdings (HODL), etc. It is an amazing BlockFi offer that appeals to various other services offered by banks, brokerage firms, etc., with its robust regulatory compliances and lending inventories backed by leading institutions, thereby offering various traditional institutional services to the global cryptocurrency market.

Thus, institutions can access similar products and traditional financial services at BlockFi, which they access in the traditional finance industries like margin lending, shorting, and reporting. Thus, BlockFi offers its core services to the cryptocurrency market, investment funds, and market makers. Some of these institutions use BlockFi for borrowing money, while others use them to store or invest their holdings while earning huge interests therefrom.

BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards card: BlockFi is planning to launch its first-ever BTC rewards credit card that will let clients earn 1.5% back in BTC as well as earn Bitcoin on every purchase they make. The ‘Bitcoin rewards credit card’ will be linked to the users’ BlockFi account (an annual fee of $200), which will let them spend money from their BlockFi account in BTC rewards card outlets.

Traders can sign up for the ‘BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card’ account by signing up for a ‘BlockFi Interest Account’ after completing the registration procedure, funding their BlockFi accounts, and signing up for the BlockFi waitlist.

BlockFi Bitcoin Trust: After successfully launching its products and services and making a significant mark in the cryptocurrency industry, BlockFi has set its foot towards another milestone development in the future; as per current regulations, it is all set to launch a Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) called the ‘BlockFi Bitcoin Trust’ and has registered for the same with the SEC in January 2021 (as per company claims).

The ‘BlockFi Bitcoin Trust’ would hold (or invest) an equal number of Bitcoins as its holdings. Registered users would be able to buy crypto ETF shares in the future just like the way they purchase any ETF, and the value of the ETF would remain with the underlying Bitcoin assets. There would be nominal management (annual) fees charged from the ETF holders depending on the Bitcoin price as it rises or falls.

BlockFi Mobile App: BlockFi offers an excellent mobile app (alternative to desktop platform) compatible with iOS and Android devices. This makes it easier for tech-savvy mobile users to manage their BlockFi accounts from anywhere and everywhere. They can easily access account balance (to stay tuned into your cryptocurrency management), execute Bitcoin trades, borrow money, start investing, and even earn passive income (earn interest) just with a simple click.

BlockFi Features & Benefits

BlockFi offers the following features and benefits to its crypto native clients.

  • An easy-to-use platform where traders have full control over their accounts; a rather transparent platform without any hidden fees or minimum balances.
  • iOS and Android compatible mobile app.
  • Multiple options to earn profits by leveraging funds.
  • Easy maintenance and quick access of account.

BlockFi Features & Benefits

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BlockFi Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Easy-to-use platform FDIC asset insurance not available Regulated exchange Not supported by some countries Commission free Crypto savings accounts are not protected in case of exchange failure Automated trades APY and loan rates are volatile Easy withdrawal Up to 8.6% compound interest on holdings No monthly fees

How to create a BlockFi interest account?

Creating a BlockFi interest account is simple; all that the users need to do is register on the BlockFi platform and transfer their preferred cryptocurrencies into the account. As soon as there are crypto coins in the account, the traders will start earning interest rates compounded monthly.

Sign up for BlockFi Account

The Sign-up process for BlockFi accounts is quite easy and does not take hours to complete the steps. To get started on the BlockFi platform, users first need to create a trading account on the platform, minimum deposit money into that account, and then they can automatically start trading. Here is a step-by-guide that helps traders to get started on the BlockFi exchange.

Create an account: To create a user account, traders must visit the official website and click on the “Get Started” button on the top right-hand corner of the page. On clicking the button, a registration form will open up that has fields like full name, email address, and a strong password.

Once these fields are filled in, an auto-generated email will be sent from the BlockFi business development teams to the users’ given email address; this is a confirmation mail and need not be replied to; the traders only need to click on the link sent into their mail to confirm the email address.

The signup process ends here, and the user can now log in to his business account (or investment account) with these newly created credentials.

Verification: After the initial registration process is complete by entering your personal information, traders will now be asked to complete the KYC verification procedures, which require them to upload a clear government-issued ID like passport or driving license or any other suitable IDs.

Deposit funds and start trading: After completing all the verification processes, traders can fund their accounts via a bank account transfer, stablecoin transfer, or cryptocurrency transfer. They can directly start trading without any restrictions. Moreover, if users have cryptocurrencies, they will start earning interest on them accordingly or may also use them as collateral to borrow money.

BlockFi Fees

BlockFi Fees

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Though BlockFi does not charge any fees for executing a trade on the platform, certain fees are charged for most withdrawals. However, every fee charged by the platform appears upfront on the platform’s website, and as such, there are no hidden BlockFi fees whatsoever. The first withdraw made in a month is free, but from the 2nd onwards, BlockFi charges a fee on every withdrawal as follows:

  • For Bitcoin– a 0.0025 BTC fee is charged, and a 100 BTC withdrawal limit is allowed per 7 days.
  • For Ethereum– 0.0015 ETH fee is charged, and a maximum of 5,000 ETH withdrawal limit is allowed per 7-day period.
  • For Litecoin– a 0.0025 LTC fee is charged, and a maximum of 10,000 LTC withdrawal limit is allowed per 7-day period.
  • For Stablecoins– a $0.25 fee is charged and the limit per 7-day period is $1,000,000.
  • For PAXG– a 0.0025 PAXG fee is charged, and a maximum of 500 PAXG withdrawal limit is allowed per 7-day period.

BlockFi Interest Rates

As soon as traders register themselves on the BlockFi exchange and fund their accounts with cryptocurrencies, they start earning interest @8.6% compounded annually for the more crypto assets.

BlockFi Loan

As per reviews about BlockFi, the platform allows its registered users to apply for crypto-backed loans. Borrowers can use the assets held by them in their BlockFi company accounts as collateral for bitcoin loans (origination fees may also apply). There is no need to get their financial assets involved in this, which is the best part of the APR loans offered.

The APR or the annual percentage rate for these crypto loans can be as low as 4.5%, which is quite low compared to other traditional (loan-granting) platforms. You can check most popular bitcoin loan platforms here in more details.

Is BlockFi Safe?

According to reviews of BlockFi, it is one of the few U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchanges that operate within the U.S. federal and state regulations, making the platform safe in all respects.

However, it is also true that the clients’ funds stored or money deposited in the BlockFi account are not FDIC or SPIC insured, but that does not make it less safe because the platform employs several other security measures to protect the clients’ money, which make them BlockFi insured.

Apart from its state-regulated custodian, BlockFi is also backed by other companies like Valar Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Morgan Creek Capital Management, etc., which makes it more reliable and trustworthy.

BlockFi Review for Security

The BlockFi team employs the following security measures to keep the platform safe from hackers.

  • It keeps all its reserves with its third-party custodians, like Gemini, Coinbase, and BitGo for maximum security.
  • The US government regulates all its investments; the BlockFi buys SEC-regulated equities only and CFTC-regulated futures with a risk management and credit analysis process.
  • Before giving a loan, BlockFi makes it mandatory for borrowers to provide collateral of at least 50% of the assets.
  • It offers a self-service security feature called ‘Allowlisting’ that allows the crypto-curious clients to ban withdrawals or restrict them to certain addresses. This measure prevents unauthorized intrusions into their BlockFi account.

Customer Support

The BlockFi customer service team is very prompt and responsive and is available 24/7. It readily answers the queries raised by the traders (online consumer lender) at any time during the day via email or phone calls.

There is a dedicated customer service number given on the platform’s official website for any investment advice that the traders might need (you can contact BlockFi anytime).

Our Verdict

All the indicators that we used for making this BlockFi review support our conclusion that the platform is legit, and there is very little evidence that can suggest otherwise. Whether BlockFi is worth investing in depends on the traders’ risk profiles and how they are handling their crypto coins. The BlockFi rates for interest that the platfom offers are quite competitive, and so are the fees. Therefore there is no reason not to give BlockFi a ‘Thumbs Up.’

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Is BlockFi legit?

As per our review on the BlockFi features like instant transactions, history, team, customer support, and business model, we found the platform to be an absolutely legit one.

How much can I earn with BlockFi?

It depends on the amount of funds that you can risk to crypto trading. The more you risk the higher will be your chances of earning profits.

Can you lose money on BlockFi?

Like all other cryptocurrency exchanges, BlockFi also has inherent risks associated with it and so it is highly likely that you can lose money if you do not trade strategically. However, it prioritizes crypto fringe clients’ funds and makes sure that their client money is kept at the top of the capital stack even over employee capital or BockFi equity.

Does BlockFi Require KYC?

Yes, BlockFi requires KYC compliances after the initial registration is completed. It requires the traders to upload scanned documents of government-issued ID cards.

How to open an account with BlockFi?

Go to the BlockFi website and sign-up with personal information. The platform conducts a quick online verification process via email and phone numbers. After this process, the user can choose which account to open on BlockFi.

Who is eligible to use BlockFi’s services?

A list of sanctioned and watchlist countries/US states have been provided on the website. This list gets updated periodically as people from more areas become eligible to use BlockFi services according to BlockFi review. Besides this, every owner of Bitcoin assets is suitable for BlockFi services.

What types of accounts does BlockFi offer?

BlockFi Trading Account and BlockFi Interest Account are the two types of user accounts offered by BlockFi.

Does BlockFi offer Business Accounts?

Information on BlockFi Business Accounts is currently unavailable. However, the platform is expected to launch the business accounts soon.

How to get in touch with BlockFi Customer Service?

The Client Service Representative at BlockFi is available from 9.30 AM to 5 PM ET, from Monday through Friday. The best way to get in touch with BlockFi customer service is to call their toll-free number – 888-798-6139.

Which countries does BlockFi support?

BlockFi supports leading economies where cryptocurrency markets are active and decently regulated.

What is BlockFi withdrawal time?

The maximum time taken by BlockFi for withdrawals is 1-5 business days.

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