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What is Binance? Why Binance is best crypto exchange



Binance ceo Changpeng Zhao

What is Binance exchange?

Currently a lot of people talk about Binance exchange , in fact this is a new cryptocurrency exchange launched in July 2017 in Shanghai, China by CEO Changpeng Zhao below
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao
. Other bitcoin exchanges in China are that they are oriented to the international trading market so they support multi-languages ​​and use exchange currency pairs like Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex without using CNY (multiplied). yuan), the main exchange currencies are Btc, Eth, Usdt, BNB , BNB is the currency sold by the exchange to investors in the ICO for development costs. Therefore, depending on the development of the exchange, BNB is also a potential coin.

Advantages of Binance Exchange

san binance bitcoin

1, High trading volume ranks top 5 on exchanges in the world on par with Bittrex and Poloniex , according to coinmarketcap website that aggregates the world’s largest cryptocurrencies /24-hour/
With such a large trading volume, it will be very easy to liquidate cryptocurrency pairs with each other.

2, Binance exchange will be the world’s first to use multi-language very convenient in the transaction process, currently supports 8 languages, will add more languages ​​in the future as shown below.
san binance delicious skin
3, Binance CEO Zhao ChangPeng has recruited some of the best development teams with years of crypto experience to the exchange.

4, Binance uses the world’s fastest trading platform with corresponding order speeds of up to 1.4 million/s, far exceeding any current platforms.

5, Fast support team, because they are newly developed, so to make a difference they will support very quickly and professionally compared to today’s cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, when we create a support ticket, just tick the support button and select “Submit Request” and write support content, your application will be processed soon within 1 day.

6, Support transactions on many devices such as Web, Android, Html5, Wechat, PC so we can install the software on PC, or website or install on smartphone to trade anytime, anywhere.
Binance exchange supports web mobile app ios adroid
7, Safety and stability using multi-layer and multi-cluster system.

8, Transaction fees are relatively low with only 0.05% per transaction compared to Poloniex 0.1 to 0.25% and Bittrex 0.25%, Bitfinex 0.1 to 0.2%. Let’s do the simple calculation by doing 1 transaction. translate 10000$ with 0.25% fee, then we lost 25$ but with 0.05% fee we only lose about 5$.

Because of the above highlights, I used the exchange in parallel with the two exchanges, Poloniex and Bittrex because there will be times when a certain exchange has problems, we will use the remaining exchanges as a measure. replace

Currently, Bittrex is also a recommended exchange, Poloniex is required to verify the account to be allowed to trade and withdraw. As for Binance, you only need to register to be allowed to trade immediately with a daily withdrawal limit of 2 bits. Therefore, having a Benance account is essential.

Sign up for Binance exchange here

If you have problems with registration and information verification, please refer to the article “Register and verify a Benance account


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What is Yobit? Instructions for using Yobit exchange




yobit exchange

Hello friends ! Here, I will guide you on how to use Yobit trading platform, including the main contents: A brief introduction to Yobit exchange, how to register an account, instructions for depositing and withdrawing electronic money from Yobit, trading instructions. coin on Yobit exchange…

What is Yobit?

Yobit is an electronic exchange that provides services for buying and selling virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Lisk, etc. and many other Altcoin virtual currencies. Like other electronic exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Livecoin, …

Yobit was founded in 2015, there is no other information on the main website, supports 3 languages: English, Russian and Chinese.

Yobit has a user-friendly interface, full screen interface, fast deposit and withdrawal, YobiCode support, btc-e API for faster access to the system, 2 authentication factors (Google Authenticate and Email), winning lottery program, ICO listing, free coin offering and trading support for many popular and uncommon cryptocurrencies.
Yobit page interface

Yobit page interface

Instructions for registering a Yobit account

1. Go to the link:  click Registration on the top right.

2. Enter full registration information:
Yobit exchange account registration form

Yobit exchange account registration form

3. Go to your email address and click on the link Yobit gave you to verify your account
Yobit email confirmation

Yobit email confirmation

After confirming the account, then press and login on the top right to log in to Yobit exchange.

Yobit exchange security installation guide

Following the series of instructions for using the Yobit exchange, in this section, I will guide you to install Yobit security.

When you log in to the account, point to the account name and click on the Settings item in the account.

Settings option

To set up security Yobit will ask you to download the Authy mobile app and scan the QR-code.
QR Code Verification Code

QR Code Verification Code

Requires using Yobit's 2-layer security

Requires using Yobit’s 2-layer security

The above picture has also instructed and asked you how to use and secure your account, in short, the main ideas:

  1. Install Authy software on your Android or IOS phone
  2. Scan the given QR code  (Note: remember to save the 2FA backup key carefully to restore when there is a problem!)
  3. Enter the 2FA code provided by the Google Authenticator software into the input card and press enable to activate security.

If you do not understand how to use Authy, you can read the article How to use 2-factor authentication with Authy   or comment below, I will answer all questions :).

Instructions for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency in Yobit

1. On the menu bar you click on Wallets

Hint: Are you new and want to learn about Bitcoin but don’t know where to start? Click here to see the Bitcoin Investment Guide for Newbies !

2. Find the cryptocurrency you want to deposit or withdraw, then click Deposit or Withdraw

Deposit and withdraw yobitn electronic yobit

The Deposit command when clicking on Deposit , the interface will display the wallet address, and you will proceed to load the corresponding currency into the selected e-wallet.
Get wallet address Deposit Bitcoin to Yobit

Get wallet address Deposit Bitcoin to Yobit

Withdraw command  when clicking Withdraw  and filling out:

  • Withdrawal address : Enter the wallet address you want to withdraw that coin to
  • Quantity :  Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Withdrawal fee : This is the transaction fee when you make a withdrawal on Yobit
  • Obtain :  Yobit will calculate the amount of coins you have withdrawn

Click Withdrawal request to proceed with withdrawal

Withdraw coins on Yobit

So that’s the end of the Yobit account registration, next I will guide you on how to use the Yobit exchange to buy, sell and trade coins.

Instructions for using Yobit exchange to trade coins

1. Click Trade  on the menu bar or visit the address:

2. Observe the figure below you will, the first area is the increase and decrease chart of the coin’s value (on the right), in this case, this is the increase and decrease chart of the value of DASH coin compared to BTC (DASH). /BTC)

The 2nd zone is a list of cryptocurrency pairs including 7 main items: TOP, BTC, ETH, DOGE, WAVES, USD, RUR. These are 7 basic coins that you can use to trade with other Altcoins such as ADX, AMB, BCC, BAT, etc.

If you want to trade with any currency pair, just choose that currency pair.

Trade coin

3. Scroll down and you will see 2 Buy/Sell frames, in this case  Buy DASH  and  Sell DASH  .

a) Buy means you want to buy DASH with Bitcoin. In this section includes 3 main parameters are:

  • Amount  : the amount of DASH coins you want to buy
  • Price  : Order price (BTC unit)
  • Total  : Total amount of Bitcoin you have to pay

After setting the parameters, press the  Buy DASH button  to place a purchase order

b) On the contrary, the  Sell DASH section  means selling DASH coins that you can sell to get Bitcoin. This section also includes 3 main parameters:

  • Amount  : Amount of DASH coins you want to sell
  • Price  : The price you will sell BNB coins (BTC units)
  • Total  : Total amount of bitcoins that you will receive

Press the Sell DASH button   to place a sell order

When you place an order, scroll down and you will see that the first red circled area is the order you placed. If it is empty, it means that you have just placed an order, then there are already buyers, then you look at the second red circled area which is the order you placed in the last 24 hours.


At the end of the tutorial on how to use Yobit exchange to trade coins here, I hope you will understand the basics and be able to make a transaction to buy, sell and trade coins on the Yobit cryptocurrency exchange.

In the article, I only wrote the basic, the other parts are more advanced, you guys should slowly learn because I can’t summarize all in one article. If you have any difficulty, please leave a comment below.

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The detailed complete guide to trading on Poloniex




sign up poloniex

In this article, I will guide you to trade on Poloniex in the most detail step by step so that you can follow it easily.

What is Poloniex?

  • Poloniex is one of the top 5 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with very high trading volume, in addition, this is the exchange with the largest number of Altcoin coins compared to other exchanges. Altcoins that cannot be found on other exchanges are usually found here.
  • Poloniex is an exchange for cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States. With an early 2015 redesign, the site has added more features to provide a full trading experience to its users. Technical analysis charts and live chat mean it’s easy to keep up with the news flow and analyze price trends before you even start trading.
  • Poloniex is an exchange with good security and rich volume. Transaction fees are at 0.2%. Deposit and withdrawal fees payable depend on the specific minimum transaction fees of each blockchain.
  • Currently, those who are new to cryptocurrencies often find it difficult to use Poloniex because it feels a bit confusing compared to the Bittrex exchange, so this article will help you solve this problem in a way. thoroughly.

Sign up for a Poloniex exchange account

The first in the series of instructions for trading on the Poloniex exchange, you need to register a Poloniex account.

Visit , click Create an account in the upper right corner of the screen, fill in the following information:

Register for a Poloniex account
Register for a Poloniex account
  • Country : Select Vietnamese nationality
  • Email : Your email address
  • Password : Enter password
  • Repeat Password d : Re-enter password
  • Check I’m not a robot
  • Check I agree to the Terms of Use

Click Register , you will receive a confirmation email account as below

Poloniex email verification notification

Poloniex email verification notification

Go to your email and click on the email verification link as shown below

Poloniex account verification email

Poloniex account verification email

After clicking on the link, you will see a message that your account is currently only withdrawing $ 0 / day and you are asked to fill in more information to be able to increase the withdrawal limit to $ 25,000 / day.

Please fill in the following information

Fill in additional information for your Poloniex account

Click the Begin Verification button to proceed with Uploading authentication documents, then click Start ID verification

Verify your Poloniex account

Verify your Poloniex account

Select the type of document that you use for authentication, you can choose Passport or Identity Card / Driver’s License . Here I choose the identity card, so I click on Identity card

Select the type of document that you will authenticate
Select the type of document that you will authenticate

Here will show the steps to verify the account, please continue reading the article Instructions for verifying your Poloniex account to follow.

Instructions for depositing and withdrawing money with Poloniex

On the menu, click on Balances -> Deposit & Withdrawals

deposit and withdraw with poloniex

Type in the search box the type of coin you want to deposit or withdraw, for example here I type btc

Search coin in polyniex

Hint: Are you new and want to learn about Bitcoin but don’t know where to start? Click here to see the Bitcoin Investment Guide for Newbies !

At BTC line, select Deposit if you want to deposit Bitcoin, continue to click Deposit Address to get Bitcoin wallet address

Get the wallet address to deposit BTC into Poloniex

Now you will see your Bitcoin wallet address, you will proceed to deposit Bitcoin here

Bitcoin wallet address in Poloniex

Conversely, if you want to withdraw BTC, click Withdraw

Enter the Bitcoin wallet address and the amount of Bitcoin you want to withdraw into the Address and Amount fields , then press Withdraw to withdraw Bitcoin.

Withdraw Bitcoin in Poloniex

Ok, next I will guide trading on Poloniex in the next part.

Instructions for trading on the Poloniex exchange

On the menu select Exchange , you will see 2 partitions 1 and 2 that I numbered as shown below

Instructions for trading on poloniex

  • Partition 1: The up and down exchange rate chart of the coin you choose, here is BTC/ETH. You will follow this map to be able to analyze and predict the up and down trend
  • Partition 2: The currency pairs you want to trade, here I am choosing BTC/ETH

Scroll down a bit and you will see the frames that sell and sell in BTC/ETH pairs as shown

Place buy and sell orders with poloniex

  • Buy ETH : Enter the price, the amount of coin in the corresponding items Price , Amount it will automatically calculate Total is the amount you have to pay in units of Bitcoin. Then press the Buy button to place an order to buy ETH with Bitcoin.
  • Sell ​​ETH : Enter the price, the number of coins in the corresponding items Price , Amount it will automatically calculate Total is the amount you will receive in units of Bitcoin. Then press the Sell button to place an order to sell ETH for Bitcoin.
  • Stop-Limit : Set conditions for Buy or Sell orders, ie if your coin rises or falls under a certain condition, it will automatically sell or buy to avoid loss or take profit. This section is a bit in-depth, you can learn more on your own. There is a version that you can preview 2 items Buy ETH and Sell ETH, which is fine.

Scroll down a bit, you will see 2 sides of the column with a list of the number of buy or sell orders, you can rely on this to know how many people are buying and selling and how much, etc.

List of purchase orders on Poloniex

Scroll down to the end you will see the item My open orders . This is the list of buy or sell orders that you did above, if an order appears here, it is not yet executed, it is in the queue.

If the order has been matched, you will see it as empty as shown below.

Orders in the Poloniex queue


At the end of the Poloniex trading tutorial here, I hope I have guided you through the most basic parts to be able to trade with Poloniex.

On more in-depth issues related to Poloniex you can learn more slowly, because I cannot explain it all in one article.

If you have difficulty or need help from me, please leave a comment below.

Currently many of you have difficulty in authenticating and using Poloniex exchange, I recommend you to use Binance exchange, an exchange with Top 1 trading volume, easy account authentication and low transaction fees. Please.

Good luck !

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How to Sign up and Verify an Binance Account




sign up binance

2020 has come Binance is still the number 1 exchange today, this is a pioneer exchange with the form of exchange coin BNB is currently the strongest exchange coin, now the way to register and verify is different from last year. First, I will write a detailed article to guide you to register and verify the latest.

As we all know , the new Binance exchange was launched in 2017, they have a professional management team, the platform develops very quickly, with the advantage of having low transaction fees, so we can use it to replace the 3 exchanges for a long time. like Bittrex , Poloniex and Bitfinex where verification is increasingly difficult.

For many people, it will be difficult to transfer or register a new exchange, so this article will guide you in detail on how to register and verify your Binance account

Table of contents

How to register for a Binance exchange account 2020

Step 1: Click on the account registration link

As shown below to open the registration table, we begin to fill in the email and password information, pay attention that the password should be at least 8 characters, including capital letters and numbers according to the requirements of the user. floor.

how to register on binance exchange

Next, we tick and select the box marked “I am over 18 years old” to confirm that we are over 18 years old. And click the Create account button to create an account. When clicking they force you to match the picture to confirm the Captcha, drag the mouse so that the frame fits.

Step 2:  The system will send you an email, please open the email and find the confirmation code and return to fill in the next page as shown below.

how to register for binance 2


Step 3:   After filling in the code, the system will redirect you to a new page asking you to turn on 2-factor authentication FA

how to register for binance 3


You can choose 1  Google Auth  or 2  SMS to secure your account, or you can choose 3 “ Skip for now ” to skip. But if you want to verify your Binance account, you must enable 2-layer security, so we do this step. You can use  2-layer security  with Authy (recommended) or Google Authenticator , see instructions in the post on  using 2-layer security

So your account has been registered, you can deposit and withdraw and trade right away

How to verify new Binance exchange account 2020 using Face info

After logging in to the account we will see the dashboard as shown below, we can see that the new account is Unverified and has many LV levels to be able to withdraw more BTC per day. Unverified accounts can withdraw up to 2 BTC per day so our use will be very limited. For better we should verify the information will reach the withdrawal limit of 100 BTC per day and be able to buy ico on Binance Launchpad . So the steps are as follows, as shown below we click on the word Verify.

Step 1: Select the verify item

verify binance exchange account 2020

Step 2 : Select the transaction type, the interface will appear as follows, choose Personal because we are individual investors, if you are an organization, choose Enterprise


how to verify binance exchange in 2020



Step 3: Fill in personal information

We need to fill in all information in the table as shown below, we fill in the full name, address, postal code Postal Code . Then select Begin Verification to continue to the next step.

how to verify new 2020 binance exchange

Step 4: Prepare documents and Upload documents

Go to the Start ID Verification step  , select Start  and choose one of two types: passport (passport) or ID card (ID card, identity card), in this step we need to prepare.

+ Photo of ID card or passport with government symbol

+ Selfie photo, please take a portrait photo of your face clearly

Upload photo document

+ Upload the  selected document file according to the instructions with 2 sides of the ID card or 1 side of the passport and press Confirm,

+ Upload a personal photo Upload a selfie  to complete the message ” Checking image quality for ID verification ” and wait for them to verify automatically, when the automatic verification is complete the screen will switch to the image below we need to do .

Step 5: Scan Facial Info we have to download the binance APP and log in and scan the QR code shown below


New 2020 binance exchange verification guide

We download the Binance exchange application here:  any operating system download the operating system

Next, we go to the application and select scan the code in the top right corner of the screen and proceed to scan the code above. When the scan is complete, the application screen will switch to the face verification status as shown below.

binance face

We just need to look at the face and act as shown below for the system to verify the correct image. When done, press the  I have completed on my phone button to complete the verification process

And this is done, you can go to the Account section to check the account you have recorded verifid  and increase the withdrawal limit to 100 BTC , if you want a higher limit you can contact the floor’s support team.

How to verify binance exchange in 2020 faceinfo

To start trading, we choose Exchange with 2 interfaces, Basic (classic) and Advanced (advanced), we choose one that is suitable.

So I have detailed instructions on how to register for the floor, if anyone has any questions, please click on the contact section or ask below, I will answer daily.

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