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What Does Market Cap Mean and Why Is it Important?



Stock traders often come across the word “Market Capitalization” or “Market Cap.” Stock exchanges, Nasdaq, S&P 500, Dow Jones also use this term often. But what is a market cap? Market Cap is the market value of the outstanding shares of a publicly-traded company. Market Capitalization reflects only the equity shares of a company and its value is calculated by multiplying the share price with the number of shares outstanding. Market capitalization acts as a robust determinant of a company’s net worth and in some cases, it also determines the valuation of some stocks. It allows investors to compare the relative size of a company with others. It measures the company’s worth in the open market and the market’s perception regarding the prospects of a company by reflecting on what the investors are willing to pay for the company’s stocks.

The investment community also prefers to use Market Capitalization to determine the value of a company. It uses Market Capitalization instead of total sales or assets to rank companies as per their sizes. It is also used to rank the relative size of various stock exchanges like Nasdaq or S&P 500.

Types of Companies Based on Market Capitalization

Market CapitalizationTraditionally stocks are divided into three segments based on market caps, namely Large, Mid, and Small Cap stocks. However, the terms Mega-cap, Micro Cap, and Nano Cap have also come into existence recently. Different indexes use different numbers to categorize enterprises based on their capitalization, and there are no exact cutoff values for categorization based on market capitalization. The cutoffs may be defined and instead represented in dollars because dollars need to be adjusted over the years due to changes in inflation, population, and overall market valuation.

Large Cap

Stocks having a market value of 10 billion US dollars or more are termed as Large Capitalization stocks. These 10 billion US dollar worth share values generally represent large businesses that are major players in well-established industries. Large-capitalization stocks are known for producing high-quality goods and services and also for payments of consistent dividend payments to their shareholders. However, this is to be remembered that investing in Large Capitalization stocks does not guarantee the investors huge returns on their investments in the short run itself. But in the long run, the shareholders can expect steady growth in the dividend payouts.

Large Capitalisation stocks are often dominant players in the industry due to which the investments in Large-Capitalization firms are considered more conservative than investments in Small or Mid-Capitalization firms.

Mid Cap

Stocks with a market capacity that ranges between $2 billion and $10 billion are termed as Mid-Cap stocks. Mid Caps are also established businesses operating in an industry that is soon expected to experience rapid growth. These are the medium-sized enterprises that are in the process of increasing their market shares and improving their overall competitiveness.

Mid Cap stocks generally carry higher risks than Large Cap stocks because they are not still established as Large Cap stocks but are in the process of expanding. This stage of growth potential in the Mid Cap stocks determines whether they will eventually live up to their full growth potentials.

Mid Caps fall in between the Large Caps and the Small Caps in terms of associated inherent risks that the stocks have to bear. Mid-Caps offer more growth potential than large caps and carry less risk than Small Caps.Mid Cap


Stocks having market capital within the range of $300 million shares value to $2 billion falls under Small Capitalisation stocks. Small Caps are generally new ones and are considered the highest risk investments in comparison to Large Caps and Medium Caps. Also, the relatively limited resources of these companies make them more susceptible to economic downturns. Due to this, the prices of Small Capitalisation stocks tend to be more volatile and less liquid than larger companies. But on a positive note, Small Capitalisation stocks provide greater growth opportunities because of their ability to withstand volatile share price fluctuations in the short term as compared to Large and Medium Cap companies.

Micro-Cap Companies

Small companies within the range of $50 to $300 million shares value are known and Micro-Cap companies. Microcap stocks differ from other stocks since they are generally traded on stock exchanges that do not require minimum standards, like the minimum number of stockholders or minimum amount of net assets.

However small the sizes of these companies are, Micro Caps (and sometimes Nano Caps) are considered good for investments owing to their fewer available resources. These companies can make their information available to the public very quickly. Due to the small size of these companies, Micro and Nano Caps companies do not attract the attention of the stockbrokers much, and therefore these companies can focus on specializing in innovative products or services that may otherwise remain unknown to the public. Over time, Micro Capitalisation stocks have managed to outperform other stocks from Large and Medium Cap companies.

On the other hand, despite these advantages, Micro Cap and Nano Caps stock are susceptible to fraud and market manipulation due to their highly volatile nature, which increases the transaction costs of these stocks. Also, sometimes the Micro Capitalisation stocks are criticized for inefficient pricing because of the fewer institutional investors operating in this space, and as a result, the liquidity of these stocks is also limited.

Why Is Market Capitalization So Important?

Market Capitalization So ImportantMarket Cap acts as a benchmark to calculate a company’s net worth, and therefore it is considered a very important assessment tool by the investment community. It is a basic parameter that is widely used in calculating important ratios like Market Cap to Sales. It is also used to compare similar companies and determine which is the most worth investing in. This is because the prices of stocks are affected by corporate actions like stock splits and bonus.

Here is why it is important to ascertain the Market Cap of stocks.

  • It is otherwise very difficult to ascertain whether a company is worth investing in. But with the correct ascertainment of the companies’ stocks’ market caps, it becomes easier to estimate a company’s value by extrapolating the market’s behavior about the company’s public trading.
  • Market capitalization helps in evaluating the company’s size, which yet again is a strong determinant of the extent of the risk factors associated with the company that the investors are willing to take up.
  • Market Cap reflects the price that the investors are willing to pay for a company’s stocks. However, this price may not be the business’s true value; there are other underlying factors as well. If the Market Cap is considered the only metric to determine whether a company’s stocks should be invested in or not, only the price factor is taken into account instead of other available data.
  • Market Cap data is often used to manage mutual funds. Companies holding these funds may allow investors to buy multiple stocks in a single transaction. As Mutual funds invest by category, it allows the investors to maintain a mixed portfolio of small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap funds.

Factors Affecting Market Capitalization of Stocks

Over the years Large, Middle, and Small Caps companies have taken their terms in leading the stock market value as each of them responds to the economic developments in their respective ways; they are affected by several factors like fluctuations, dividend distribution by the companies, etc. Affecting Market CapitalizationAs Market Capitalization is the product of the number of shares and their values, any change in stocks’ prices, up and down, can bring in significant changes in the Market Capitalization of stocks. It could also bring in changes in the number of shares issued by the company as if there are any warrants in the issuance of the company’s stocks, the number of outstanding shares will increase and consequently, it will dilute the existing value of the outstanding shares.

A stock split or dividend can also alter the Market Capitalization of the stocks. After a stock split, the number of outstanding stocks increases significantly reduces the stocks’ prices. The same thing happens when a company issues a dividend. The issue of dividends increases the number of shares held by the company, which reduces the stocks’ price.

Therefore, the companies must maintain a proper balance while issuing shares, and this can only be obtained by building a portfolio consisting of a proper mix of small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks. A diversified portfolio containing a variety of Market Caps helps the companies to reduce their investment risks and also in accomplishing long-term financial goals. To obtain a proper mix companies need to first evaluate their financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance levels.


  1. What Does the Market Cap Indicate?

Market Cap indicates the total value of the company’s stocks. is the method of measuring the size of a company that categorizes companies into three main blocks- Large Cap, Middle, and Small Cap depending on the companies’ total value of shares. Market cap often provides a benchmark in assessing the company’s worth in the open market. It also reflects the market’s perception of its prospects, and the willingness of the investors to pay for its stock.

  1. Is a High or Low Market Cap Good?

Market capitalization reflects a company’s stage in its business and economic development. Investments in Large-Cap companies are considered more conservative than in Small-Cap or Midcap companies. Mid Cap and Small Cap companies are more aggressive and, at the same time, more sensitive to economic downturns. But at the same time, Small Cap companies provide greater growth opportunities owing to their ability to withstand stock price fluctuations.

  1. Is the Market Cap the Value of a Company?

Yes, Market Cap represents the total value of a company in the open market. It reflects what the investors think about a company’s prospects and what value they are willing to pay for the company’s stocks. Market Cap reflects the company’s net worth, which is calculated by multiplying the number of outstanding shares of the company with the current market price.

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What is Bitcoin? Detailed information about virtual currency Bitcoin




bitcoin what is this

What is Bitcoin? What is the real value of Bitcoin in the market? This article will help you get the correct answer, and detail all the important information related to the largest cryptocurrency today.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin since when?

Bitcoin (abbreviated as BTC) is known as a decentralized digital currency – a form of finance based on blockchain technology and does not depend on intermediaries. Bitcoin is encrypted in the form of an open source code used for direct exchange by Internet-connected devices, peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions in all transactions.

Peer-to-peer transaction means that the buying / selling takes place directly between the sender and the receiver with almost zero fees, in the process without any organization or individual participating in the role. intermediate.

bitcoin what is this

Currently, Bitcoin is the first currency in the list of large-cap cryptocurrencies in the market. Bitcoin’s store of value and growth rate in recent years has increased exponentially, attracting the attention and interest of many large institutions, even Wall Street. The trading volume with a price of more than 42,000 USD / 1 BTC per day is still a huge number, proving that investors love and expect it.

In addition, the scarcity of Bitcoin and the difficulty of mining further increase the value of the largest cryptocurrency in the world today.

History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency, becoming the foundation for the development of the current Crypto market. According to information from Wikipedia:

  • In 2007 the official Bitcoin currency was born, designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, he believes that it is possible to create a transaction system where the participants do not need to trust each other.
  • In 2008, the domain name was registered and first mentioned on August 31, 2008 in Satoshi’s peer-to-peer payment method prospectus.
    On January 3, 2009, Bitcoin went live with the first Bitcoin block called Genesis Block.
  • The first transaction was made between Satoshi and cryptographer Hal Finney on January 12, 2009 in the amount of 10 BTC right at the time the Bitcoin software was released, marking the birth of the non-existent cryptocurrency. under the control and influence of the government or central bank of any country.
  • On October 22, 2010, Bitcoin was used to buy goods for the first time – 2 pizzas for 10000 Bitcoins (equivalent to $25 at that time).
  • In 2013, major services like Foodler, Reddit, OKCupid, Humble Bundle, Baidu and Gyft started using Bitcoin as payment currency. The first Bitcoin ATM appeared in Canada.
  • In December 2013, the first Bitcoin trading agent named Bitcoin VietNam appeared in our country. This unit deals directly with partners in Singapore, USA, … and VBTC exchange.
  • In 2014, the Silk Road event occurred, causing Bitcoin’s reputation to plummet, the New York Department of Finance had to step up and bring Bitcoin into the legal protection category.
  • In 2015, major British bank Barclays accepted Bitcoin, allowing users to donate to charity in BTC.
  • In November 2015, the Bitcoin symbol (₿) was officially included in the Unicode codepoint at position U+20BF in this encoding.
  • In 2017, Japan recognized Bitcoin as an official payment method.
  • On August 3, 2018, the Intercontinental Exchange – the owner of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced a partnership with Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, Starbucks to open a Bitcoin exchange called Bakk.
  • In October 2021, Bitcoin had a time to surpass the 64,000 USD / 1 BTC mark – the highest price in the history of this cryptocurrency.

Who Created Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name that comes up the most when someone asks who created Bitcoin. However, there is no proof that Satoshi is a person or organization.

In 2010, the Bitcoin development community gradually lost contact with Satoshi, after Satoshi gave the alarm key when the Bitcoin network was hacked to Gavin Andresen. To date, the creator of Bitcoin is still a mystery, there are a few names such as Nick Szabo – a enthusiast of the distributed currency, published the article Bit Gold is considered the forerunner of Bitcoin, Hal Finney – cryptographic pioneer and early adopter of Bitcoin software,…

Update Bitcoin price over the years
In 2021, the price of Bitcoin has continuously reached all-time highs, surpassing $60,000 per 1 BTC.

During 2013 – 2017, the price ranged only from 100 USD / 1 BTC to less than 1,000 USD / 1 BTC.
By the end of 2017 the price was close to 20,000 USD/ 1 BTC but then fell around in the range of 3,000 USD/ 1 BTC to 10,000 USD/ 1 BTC.
At the beginning of 2021, the Bitcoin price skyrocketed to 63,000 USD / 1 BTC (April 2021) and fell deeply to the price of 31,000 USD / 1 BTC (July 2021).
On September 11, 2021, the Bitcoin price reached a new peak of 66,000 USD / 1 BTC and the current price fluctuates around 42-43,000 USD / 1 BTC.

Why is Bitcoin falling in price?

Looking at the reality of Bitcoin’s price change, it can be seen that there are times when the price is extremely high, but sometimes it drops deeply. Many experts believe that the reason why the price of Bitcoin has dropped is due to a few reasons:

Pressure to take profits from individual and institutional investors.
The US Federal Reserve tightened its control of cryptocurrencies, and hearings took place against companies and organizations of cryptocurrencies.
Due to the pressure of Covid 19 and the Omicron mutation.
Depending on the severity, not only BTC, the whole Crypto market could be affected.

Is Bitcoin safe?

For those who are new to BTC in particular, the Crypto market in general wants to know if Bitcoin is safe. To get the answer, we need to learn about the technology used to create this coin, the security and privacy characteristics of Bitcoin owners.

is bitcoin safe

Design technology
Bitcoin is a currency created based on Blockchain technology, designed to resist data change. This is considered a breakthrough for future finance.

Blockchain can be understood as an electronic ledger that stores all transaction information and ensures that it will not be changed in any way. Blockchain will be distributed data stored and validated on many different computers connected in a common network.

No person or machine can change, delete, or overwrite the data in it. Note that although the information cannot be changed, it will be added when there is a consensus of all nodes in the common system. And yet, thanks to Blockchain technology, the ability to transmit data does not require and requires intermediaries to confirm information. People can share information for many units in the same construction network.

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What is Fuelling the Rally in DigiByte Cryptocurrency?




The DigiByte ecosystem is built with an emphasis on speed and security, which are often identified as limitations on different blockchains. DGB uses a proof of work algorithm to validate and complete a transaction.

With a strong price action witnessed on DGB, we can expect it to reach 10 cents valuations shortly. The current DGB price is facing some resistance from its 100 DMA that has coincided with the wicks on daily chart candles.

DigiByte Price Analysis

One day chart with Support Levels, Resistance, Moving Average, and MACD indicator

DigiByte has an active support range at $0.0500 levels on the immediate downside and resistance at $0.0791 levels. In order to remain in trend there needs to be some profit booking or consolidation, straight-line upside momentum often carries the risk of sudden profit booking induced by some new development.

DGB is for now trading in a bullish zone with immense buying interest. The MACD indicator shows chances of the rally to continue without consolidating but, DGB should halt its rate of progression in between to continue with the upside movement. Its 100 DMA comes out at around $0.06252 levels.

One hour chart with Support Levels, Bollinger, and MACD indicator

DGB shows an immense increase in volumes over the last few hours indicating increased participation from buyers and sellers of this cryptocurrency. As MACD is nose-diving towards the red zone we expect some retracement from current levels and a second attempt at breaking the recent high created at $0.066 levels based on our DigiByte forecast.

Support on hourly charts comes out to be at $0.0579 with Bollinger Bands hitting newfound volatility. The widening of Bollinger bands indicates scope for higher volatility and continuation of the upside movement. For now, DGB seems to have taken support from the lower end of the mean average line and faces some turbulence at the mean average line indicated by red.

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TRON Negates the Fall in Valuation with Strong Buying!




TRON has climbed huge mountains after its release in 2017 and has posted over 17650% of gains from its launch value in 2017 to September 2021. The value of TRX has undergone a huge change from $0.0022 levels to the current value of $0.9265 levels. TRON currently ranks amongst the top 30 cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of over $6 billion with a circulating supply of 71 billion coins.

The value of Tron is straight forward a derivative of its exposed circulating supply and its potential. Comparing the numbers, TRON can process 2000 transactions per second compared to just six transactions per second of Bitcoin and 25 of Ethereum. Just comparing the numbers gives the transactional capability of TRX and its upscaling potential.

TRON has mostly focused on content creators and has used TRX coin as a way of rewarding content creators through its rewards. It even allows creators to develop their tokens and decentralize the gaming sector. Positioning itself as a content creator supporting ecosystem has enabled creators to connect directly with potential customers, eliminating centralized platforms. Considering the upscaling potential of Tron, people interested in investing here should hold their positions.

TRON Price Analysis

TRON retraced most of its lost value within a short time interval and is headed back towards $0.11 targets with a furious buying sentiment.

TRON Price Analysis

TRON underwent a surprise fall in its value within a concise time interval. The fall was responded with a huge buying action, almost equaling the selling volume on September 07 in the following day. TRON has once again jumped back to $0.0933. Surpassing the support zone will push the TRX price towards the close resistance of $0.11.

RSI levels have also jumped towards 52 from a steep decline, but the major uncertainty in sustaining the gains. If sellers activate their trades, we will witness a significant fall to the tune of its 100 DMA levels. As of now, TRON can be seen respecting its 200 DMA level of $0.08254. It is attempting a fresh price breakout but is more likely to close in an uncertain candle with wicks on both ends.

TRON price prediction

Hourly charts show consolidation as a large part of the trading action on TRX. It consolidates in a narrow range before giving a breakout and again consolidates within a narrow range. This price action is continuing, and there is a high probability of another breakout towards $0.100 levels. MACD on hourly trades has become positive again, and so has the RSI levels. RSI is now trading at above 50 levels. Combining all these indications and our TRX coin price prediction, one should hold their investments.

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