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CoinPayments Wallet Review 2021



Cryptocurrencies have high market value these days as more and more investors worldwide show a keen interest in trading. Cryptocurrencies, once bought, are not immediately sold and therefore need to be stored in a safe place. Though they can be stored in the exchange from where they are bought, crypto exchanges are not always safe, and there is no better alternative than storing the crypto holdings in a reliable wallet- whether hardware or software. CoinPayments is a digital wallet that allows users to send, receive or store their crypto holdings safely without incurring any higher fees for using the wallet’s services. In this CoinPayments review, important points like the CoinPayment’s features, CoinPayments fees, how to use CoinPayments, etc., have been included.

What Is CoinPayments?

CoinPayments Inc. is a Vancouver-based crypto payments platform and an online cryptocurrency wallet founded in 2013. The platform enables users to easily transact with leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 1900 other cryptocurrencies. Since its inception, the platform has established itself as an industry leader by fuelling crypto adoption through fast and secure easy-to-integrate solutions for merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrency. These include exclusive e-commerce shopping cart plugins, payment buttons, custom-made APIs, digital crypto wallets, PoS interfaces, and many other business tools.

CoinPayments boasts of its partnership with almost all leading e-commerce platforms, including Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart, and lots more. To date, the platform has processed more than US$10 billion in crypto payments serving over 70,000 merchants in over 200 countries all across the world. Thus, with millions of active users, CoinPayments can be considered as one of the world’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency payment platforms. It charges a flat commission of just 0.5%, thereby positioning itself as one of the cheapest payment options in the cryptocurrency industry.

CoinPayments Wallet Reviews - User InterfaceCoinPayments Wallet Reviews – User Interface

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Quick Summary of CoinPayments Wallet

  • CoinPayments is a comprehensive digital asset payment solution as well as a robust online wallet established in 2013.
  • CoinPayments integrates with leading e-commerce platforms of the world.
  • Hosts advanced technological features like shopping cart plugins, PoS interfaces, APIs, $PayByName, etc.
  • Supports over 1900 cryptocurrencies, including the leading ones like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.
  • Supports Fiat currency settlements for the US or the UK-based customers.
  • Supports mobile applications that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Charges a flat commission of 0.5% for all commercial transactions and an additional service charge for using particular services of the wallet.
  • Security breaches reported in 2017, but the team settled the issue within 6 months by paying back the stolen Ripple coins to the users.

Features of CoinPayments

CoinPayments offer the following interesting features to users:

  • Multi-Coin Wallet: There are over 1900 altcoins supported on the CoinPayments wallet, and therefore users get a varied list to choose from.
  • Auto Coin Conversions: This is the default feature of the CoinPayments wallet that allows users to convert coins to other denominations automatically and thus saves a lot of time for the users.
  • PoS (Point of Sale): The Point of Sale feature facilities on the CoinPayments platform support offline stores and accept in-person payments that most other cryptocurrency wallets cannot offer due to the absence of the PoS features.
  • GAP600 Instant Confirmations: This is yet another advanced feature hosted on the CoinPayments platform that allows for faster payment confirmations than any other conventional payment method.
  • Shopping Cart Plug-Ins: CoinPayments supports a shopping cart plugin feature that can be integrated with the existing site of the customers, and therefore customers don’t need to uninstall the existing plugin for installing the CoinPayments plug-in.
  • $PayByName Purchases: This is yet another advanced feature on the wallet that allows customers to generate custom usernames and execute transactions using those names. These unique usernames can also be used by the merchants to accept the crypto after each trade. Users can receive or send payments without the need to copy and paste the wallet addresses.

CoinPayments Wallet Reviews - Features of CoinPaymentsCoinPayments Wallet Reviews – Features of CoinPayments

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  • Fiat Settlements: CoinPayments supports fiat settlement for the merchants settled in the US or UK. Therefore, users can directly link those settlements with their bank account.
  • Vault Service: As the name implies, this feature allows users to securely store their coins in a cold wallet for a specified time before spending them.
  • AirDrops: CoinPayments wallet supports the crediting of AirDropped coins. However, they are credited to the users’ account instead of crediting them to the wallet itself, which sometimes becomes troublesome when users claim those airdropped coins to their individual offline wallet.
  • ICO: CoinPayments at times serves as an ICO hosting platform that allows users to deal with the upcoming ICO’s, including Escrow.

CoinPayments Wallet Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Easy-to-use. Security breaches happened in 2017. Supports multiple altcoins. Offers vault services that add an extra layer of security. Generally, an online wallet but also supports a mobile version of the wallet- mobile app. Flat fee structure.

Getting Started with CoinPayments

Getting started with CoinPayments involves the following steps:-

Account Creation

The account creation process on CoinPayments is pretty simple. Users need first to visit the official website of CoinPayments and click on the SignUp button on the top right-hand corner, which will direct them to a page bearing a form that has two options: Personal Account and Business Account.

Users can choose either of the two, and the respective form will open with some mandatory fields to be filled in by the users. After users register their accounts on the wallet, they need to verify their email account by clicking on the activation link sent to the email account that they used while registering on the platform.

CoinPayments Review - Account SetUp ProcessCoinPayments Review – Account SetUp Process

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Configuring the Merchant Account

After verifying the email id, users can easily log in to their cryptocurrency wallet using the sign-in credentials. Now they are required to configure their Merchant ID, IPN, and other important details. For this, users need to do the following:-

  • Go to the ACCOUNT tab and click on the ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
  • In the “BASIC SETTINGS” tab, one can find the Merchant ID that they need to Save or Copy for later use.
  • In the “PUBLIC INFO” tab, enter the full name and email id, along with the URL displayed publicly to customers for sending payments.
  • In the “LOGIN & SECURITY” tab, change the 2FA method from email to Google Authenticator or any other convenient options.
  • In the “MERCHANT SETTINGS” tab, the user needs to write their IPN Secret code, a random string of characters. Save or copy the IPN Secret code somewhere for later use. Select the base currency and also toggle which notification emails one intends to receive.

Start Accepting Cryptos

Now the user needs to customize the Coin settings, which crypto coins they want to accept as payments:-

  • Go to the ACCOUNT tab and click on COIN ACCEPTANCE SETTINGS.
  • One needs to select the cryptocurrency they wish to accept as payment by checking the box in front of each cryptocurrency and clicking on “Update Coin Preferences.”

These are the minimum settings that one needs to configure to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments (incoming payments) to their wallet. Leave the rest of the options for later use like fiat settlement, crypto coins conversion, payment forwarding, etc.

CoinPayments Review - Join CoinPayments Wallet Today!CoinPayments Review – Join CoinPayments Wallet Today!

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CoinPayments Fees

As per various CoinPayments wallet reviews available, it is one of the cheapest wallet service providers globally that charges a flat 0.50% transaction fee for processing crypto transactions. Apart from the transaction fees, the platform also charges an additional service fee from its users for using the various services on the wallet that depend on the transaction rates and the crypto coins in question. But if users wish to convert crypto coins on the platform like BTC to LTC, the conversion rate will be calculated as coin TX fee + conversion partner’s fees. You can get the full CoinPayments Fees structure by clicking here.

Setting Up and Using CoinPayments Wallet

CoinPayments app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store for free. Log into the account on the CoinPayments platform and select the preferred cryptocurrencies. Then click on either of the two options: Send or Withdraw.

If the user wants to send crypto coins to any wallet address, they need to paste the public address, select the number of crypto coins they want to send, and click on the “Confirm” tab. For withdrawing crypto coins, they need to select the supported payment methods and select the amount they want to withdraw before clicking on the “Confirm” button. There are no withdrawal charges on the platform.

CoinPayments Mobile App

CoinPayments supports a well-built mobile app that is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices.

CoinPayments Review - CoinPayments Mobile AppCoinPayments Review – CoinPayments Mobile App

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CoinPayments Supported Currencies

CoinPayments supports the following cryptocurrencies:-

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Velas (VLS)
  • Empress Gold (AEG, etc.)

Is CoinPayments a Safe Platform?

Yes, as per the CoinPayments reviews available online, it appears to be one of the safest cryptocurrency wallets that employ the latest technological security mechanisms to protect clients’ money. The platform also never stores users’ private keys instead of letting them save them in their personal devices.

Although an incident of security breaches happened in 2017, many Ripple coins were stolen from the Ripple security databases. However, the team could return the Ripple coins to the holders within 6 months of the breach, which again signals towards the platform’s competencies in securing the client funds. On the other hand, the crypto coins stored in the vaults were safe.

Customer Support

CoinPayments Review - Customer Support by CoinPaymentsCoinPayments Review – Customer Support by CoinPayments

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The CoinPayments support team is very impressive and prompt in delivering ready solutions to all customer queries. All support-related issues need to be communicated via raising a ticket which is responded to within 24 hours. For raising a ticket, users have to visit the support wizard where they will be provided with a support code (that will remain valid for 1hr) and a link to raise a support ticket on FreshDesk.

Users can open a support ticket by using the support code provided on the wizard. Otherwise, the customer support team can also be contacted (not for service-related issues) by filling up a form with the user’s name, email id, subject, and message on it. The customer service team can also be contacted via social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

CoinPayments Wallet Review: The Verdict

If the infamous Ripple break-in of 2017 can be overlooked, CoinPayments appears to be an amazing wallet and crypto payment solution with many attractive features. The team behind the company is focused on building a multi-functional and safe platform by bringing further advancements in its features and core offerings.

It is also not that easy to find a cryptocurrency storing wallet that supports over 1900 altcoins; CoinPayments is the one. Thus, there are no reasons to dislike the platform. So if one is looking for a best online crypto wallet, they can try CoinPayments, and as per the CoinPayment wallet review, it will meet their purpose.


Is CoinPayments Wallet Legit?

Yes, as per the CoinPayments review, the platform appears to be legit and allows users to pay crypto safely and store them in a secure wallet.

Is CoinPayments Safe?

Yes, CoinPayments is one of the safest platforms to store crypto holdings.

Can I Buy Bitcoin on CoinPayments?

Yes, CoinPayments enables users to buy any of the following cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Tron (TRX), Ether (ETC), Basic Attention Coin (BAT), Dai (DAI), OKB, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

How to Use a CoinPayments Wallet?

Using the CoinPayments wallet is pretty simple. Users need to sign in to the wallet and select their preferred cryptocurrencies supported on the wallet. Then click on the operations that they want to do- send or withdraw. Based on this, they will be directed to a page where they can create a withdrawal, or send money to a particular wallet address or check the fees (gas fees) or history.

Who Owns CoinPayments?

CoinPayments wallet was founded by Alex Alexandrov, whereas leading entrepreneur Jason Butcher has been serving as the company’s Chief Operating Officer since 2017.

How Long Will Transactions Remain in My CoinPayments Account?

Transactions that are canceled or timed out remain in the account for a minimum of 30 days. Other transactions remain in the account for a minimum of 3 years.

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How to sign up WebMoney Wallet in 2022




register webmoney

In this article, I will guide you to register for WebMoney for those who are new to this famous currency trading site. This is a famous and reputable trading account that anyone involved in the field of making money online needs to own an account.

What is WebMoney?

WebMoney is a global currency exchange and online business platform, founded in 1998. The system currently has more than 31 million users. Although WebMoney was initially targeted primarily at customers in Russia and the former Soviet Union, it is now being used worldwide. WebMoney provides all users with interfaces that allow the operation and control of individual ownership rights over valuable assets (property), which are kept in specialized organizations – Guarantors .

This system allows Internet users to make secure transactions in real time in WebMoney units (WM units). No bank account or credit card is required to open or operate a WebMoney account. More than 100 000 online stores and services accept WebMoney payments. WebMoney Transfer also provides online financial services, P2P payment solutions, internet-based transaction platforms, merchant services and online payment systems.

The owner and administrator of the WebMoney system is WM Transfer Ltd. An unrelated Japanese company offers a prepaid card service using the same name. The Japanese service only supports Yen accounts.

Webmoney currently supports 8 types of wallets such as: WMR-RUB (Russian currency), WMZ-USD (dollar), WME-EURO (euro) … depending on the needs of the user who needs to use any type of wallet. suitable for me. But the most popular and used is the WMZ-USD (dollar) wallet because this is the world’s common currency. In recent years, under the strong development of cryptocurrencies in the world, Webmoney wallet has added cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum…however if you want to be more professional for cryptocurrency you can use coinbase wallet or jaxx wallet

I recommend that you also choose the WMZ-USD wallet because in Vietnam today this type of wallet is mainly used. The exchange rate is WMZ = 1 USD.

Instructions for registering WebMoney

Please click on the following link to access WebMoney’s homepage: here you click the Sign Up button on the homepage to register

register webmoney

If your computer doesn’t have a webcam, use a laptop or mobile phone, fill in code and system load to new page

register webmoney

Please fill in your password 2 times, then tick “i accept all agreements of the WEBMONEY TRANSFER” and click MORE,

Please fill in your personal information in the form as shown below

Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth (the first item is to choose the date of birth, the 2nd is to choose the month, the 3rd is to choose the year of birth)
Email : Enter your email address correctly to receive information later
Security question : Security question, you can choose any question
Security answer : Your answer to the security question, remember to save this information in case you forget your password later, you can still recover it.
Then continue to click the Next button. Now you will see a form displaying the information you have entered, continue to press the Next button.

Webmoney registration tutorial video They now do face verification so it’s a bit of a hassle

In the step to confirm the phone number, a message with a confirmation code will be sent to the phone number you registered in step 1, enter this confirmation code in the box below as shown and then press the Next button. So you have registered a WebMoney account, next we will create a wallet to be able to conduct transactions.

When you log in, you will see the form below:

register webmoney

You notice the character string Z461000306438 is your wallet account number used for transactions. You need to save this wallet number.

How to create a Bitcoin wallet on Webmoney

Login to your account on mobile, then click “+” in the wallet menu. Select “add a wallet”

add bitcoin wallet on webmoney

Then select “Create a wmx wallet”, it is Bitcoin wallet, and accept the terms of the agreement, tick “OK”

add bitcoin wallet on webmoney

Day weekly and Monthly, we leave field blank and click to “NEXT” and enter the verification code from sms to comfirm. Congration! you are done

webmoney bitcoin

So, you know how to sign up WebMoney wallet and successfully. Webmoney is a multi-platform, very reputable wallet, you can buy and sell Bitcoin through the above wallet, perfect storage, protected by law. If you have any problems with the registration process, please leave a comment below.

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Explore NFTs and hold my NFTs in my Wallet




nft on

NFT new trend in digital assets

NFT can be roughly translated as Irreplaceable Token, is a type of cryptographic asset (Crypto Currency) derived from smart contracts on the blockchain platform. NFT is a unique, irreplaceable form of cryptographic number chain containing asset identification and verification information stored on the blockchain system, so NFT can be used to store, identify existence and ownership of items, products, assets and transactions in the digital world. This makes NFT different from traditional standard cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are monetary, equivalent and fungible1.

Beeple's NFT artwork "The First 5000 Days" sells for $69.3 million

Beeple’s NFT artwork “The First 5000 Days” sells for $69.3 million

It is entirely possible for one person to generate NFTs from a digital asset and conduct transactions. The history of these transactions is recorded on a public and decentralized blockchain system that can be easily traced. With this feature, NFT is becoming a highly anticipated solution in protecting assets in general and intellectual property rights in particular. In fact, NFT is being applied to create many unique digital assets in many fields such as: (i) art (painting, music, pictures, videos); (ii) online games (items, characters, in-game assets…); (iii) items in the parallel universe (metaverse)2 or (iv) any asset that may exist in digital form, including digital versions of real-life assets3.

NFT is gaining more and more attention and has seen many booms in the crypto exchange market. Experts say that 2021 will be marked as the year of NFTs when the value of NFT transactions is at a record high of 23.9 billion USD. Some notable transactions include: The most expensive NFT work was sold by Beeple for $69 million at Christie’s; The first NFT album was released by Kings of Leon; Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million… NFT also received the attention and involvement of many big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Phillips, Budweiser. Artists have also taken concrete actions to participate in the NFT market such as Snoop Dogg, Grimes, Deadmau5 and Post Malone in linking NFT to their artwork4. Currently there is a trading platform primexbt, please read the information at the following websites primexbt wiki and primexbt googlesite.

In addition to the strong development of the NFT market, many negative evils have also occurred, affecting the interests of many subjects, especially copyright issues. Unauthorized use of works of art to form NFTs and profiteering has appeared and has shown signs of increasing5.

Therefore, many views believe that the NFT market is showing signs of going against the goal of copyright protection as expected.

What are NFTs anyway?

A non-fungible token is a financial security consisting of digital data stored in a blockchain. The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain, and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded.

nft on

NFTs are mostly digital assets that represent real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos.

Can I hold my NFTs in my Wallet?

Over the last ten years, we’ve helped tens of millions of people access crypto by providing an easy way to buy, sell, swap, store, and earn crypto.

Now we want to make it easy for people to access the exciting, new NFT market.

Soon, we’ll be launching our NFT platform, right inside your Wallet.

Sign up for the waitlist today to get first access. Follow Coin news for more crypto information

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Trust Wallet Review 2021




Due to past hacks and breaching incidents, most cryptocurrency exchanges have made their security protocols robust to insure their clients’ funds and other details. Despite these precautions, it is always safe to store the crypto holdings in a reputed wallet- either hardware or software. In this article, we will review a software wallet called Trust Wallet, how to use Trust Wallet, what are its pros and cons, etc. Software wallets are applications installed in your mobile devices and thus can be operated at any time. Though they are not as secure as hardware wallets, they are still a better option for storing your crypto holdings instead of storing them on a centralized exchange. At the end of this Trust Wallet review, traders will be able to gauge whether this wallet is a convenient option for them or not.

What is a Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is an open-source, decentralized, mobile crypto wallet that supports over 160K+ assets and blockchains and allows traders to stake their crypto coins to earn interest. The wallet was originally designed to hold the ERC20 and ERC223 tokens only but has now been developed to hold other leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The wallet has a built-in Web3 browser that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies through the native DEX (decentralized exchange) that operates on the Kyber Network. It also allows users to access the various DApps (decentralized applications) built on the Ethereum platform directly through the Trust Wallet app.

Trust Wallet Platform InterfaceTrust Wallet Platform Interface

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The Trust Wallet app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. It is also compatible with Android devices as its code is written in the native languages of each of the platforms; iOS Swift and Android’s Java. The application runs on iOS 10.0 versions or higher and Android 5.0 or higher.

Quick Summary of Trust Wallet

  • Trust Wallet is a widely recognized software wallet.
  • Binance acquired Trust Wallet in June 2018.
  • Supports a huge range of cryptocurrencies for trading.
  • Offers multiple crypto assets for staking (Trust Wallet token).
  • Trust Wallet does not charge any initial fees or subscription charges from its users.
  • Have over 5 million active users all across the world.

Benefits of Using Trust WalletBenefits of Using Trust Wallet

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How Does Trust Wallet Work?

The Trust Wallet mobile app works in the following ways:-

  • It acts as a bridge connecting individual blockchain networks through their nodes. Every blockchain network has its own set of public addresses, often called the public key. Crypto assets are stored and encrypted in these addresses.
  • Trust Wallet does not hold any cryptocurrencies in its servers; it only gives users access to its wallet.
  • It is a free-to-use app that does not earn anything when users use it. All the gas fees (transaction processing fees) that are accrued are paid to the validators or miners.
  • Trust Wallet helps users to manage their public addresses for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. The app also allows users to execute other crypto transactions, like trading and staking.

Working of Trust WalletWorking of Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet History

Trust Wallet was founded by a US-based Ukrainian software developer Viktor Radchenko, who first heard about digital currencies via the use of Bitcoin on the dark web. But it was not Bitcoin but Ethereum that urged him to try his luck in the crypto industry. He began to feel motivated when he began to develop a mobile application to help truckers find parking lots and other amenities. After successfully launching the tracking app, Victor gained the confidence to design a wallet that can hold ERC20 tokens acquired through ICOs.

He began his Trust Wallet project in 2017, and soon its functionality with the standard ERC20 tokens attracted thousands of users all around the world for crypto investment by trying the wallet crypto portfolio. The onus of the project was mass adoption of cryptocurrencies which is only possible if the means are easy to use. Letting people buy digital assets through convenient means like a bank account or a credit card will urge them to buy more, and this is what Trust Wallet counts on. It also gives bank-level security to the users.

Thus, the app is made user-friendly by designing an easy interface that is accessible to all. The app’s growing popularity caught the attention of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which acquired the project along with its parent company, Six Days LLC, in 2018.

Use DApp on Trust WalletUse DApp on Trust Wallet

Features of Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet offers the following core features to its users :-

Easy to Use Interface – The user interface of Trust Wallet is simple, straightforward, easy to be downloaded and installed on your mobile devices. This has helped the platform to accrue over 5 million active users to date and also bag a partnership deal with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges of the world- Binance.

Free Download – Trust Wallet is entirely free to download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The platform also does not charge any initial fees or subscription fees for its services from its clients.

Download Trust Wallet App NowDownload Trust Wallet App Now

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Privacy and Security – Though Trust Wallet, by its nature (being a software wallet), cannot ensure security measures as strong as hardware wallets, the platform tries to make sure that the clients’ funds are safe. It conducts regular audits via the leading security firm Stateful.

The app also employs other security measures like pin code scanning or fingerprint scanning to add an extra layer of security. These measures can be manually activated by the user by customizing the “Settings” function in the app as soon as he signs up into his wallet.

Never Stores User Information on Its Servers – Trust Wallet allows users to store the private keys of their wallets in their personal computers rather than storing them on the Trust Wallet servers. This puts the users into sole responsibilities to securely store private keys.

Features of Using Trust WalletFeatures of Using Trust Wallet

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No KYC Confirmation Required – Trust Wallet does not ask its users for any KYC compliances while setting up their account on the Trust Wallet app because it is a non-custodial official crypto wallet app that does not store any user data on their servers.

Allows Staking – The Trust Wallet platform allows staking of Tron (TRX), Tezos (XTZ), VeChain (VET), Callisto (CLO), Cosmos (ATOM), Kava (KAVA), IoTeX (IOTX), TomoChain (TOMO), and Algorand (ALGO). Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) will also be added to the list very soon.

In-built Charts – The Trust Wallet app has in-built charts that allow traders to track the crypto prices without having to leave the app.

Partnership with Binance – Trust Wallet’s partnership with Binance Smart Chain keeps more users from all across the world flock to the app, which is expected to fuel the development of advanced and new features on the mobile app in the future.

Easy Backup – Trust Wallet addresses the backup issue faced by most wallets by incorporating a 12-word recovery phrase at the time users set up the wallet in their mobile devices. Users are required to write down these phrases and keep them in a safe place so that they can be used to retrieve and recover access to the wallet if anything goes wrong.

Crypto Staking at Trust WalletDo Staking & Earn Crypto with Trust Wallet

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Trust Wallet Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Free and easy download. Not as secure as hardware wallets. Stores a huge range of cryptocurrencies. Allows staking and earning returns on multiple digital assets held. Users retain control of the private keys; private keys are not stored in the wallet’s servers. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

What Wallet Type Is a Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a software wallet that operates as an app installed on a mobile device and thus helps traders to execute trades at any time during the day, even while they are traveling. It is a non-custodial wallet that does not store or save any users’ information on its servers.

Trust Wallet Fees

Trust Wallet does not charge any fees from its users while installing or setting up their accounts on the wallet. There are also no subscription charges for using the wallet’s services. As such, the platform allows for a free download from Google Play Store or Apple Store. The only fees charged on the app are the gas fees which are the fees for processing transactions (network fees) on the app that are either paid to the miners or to the PoS (Proof-of-stake) chains that charge them.

How To Access a Trust Wallet?

Getting started with the Trust Wallet app is pretty simple. All the users need to do is download the app for free, either from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Once the download and the installation process are complete, the users are asked to select an option to create a new wallet or import an existing one.

Create a New Trust Wallet

If users choose to create a new wallet, they will be given a 12-word seed or a recovery phrase that should be kept safely. Users need to check in a box saying, “I understand that if I lose my recovery words, I will not be able to access my wallet,” which is self-explanatory that if the seed words are lost, the wallet cannot be accessed.

How Do I Transfer Coins to a Trust Wallet?

To transfer or add coins to the Trust Wallet app, the following steps should be followed:-

  • Sign in to the Trust Wallet mobile application.
  • Click on “Receive” and paste your wallet address in the field mentioned, or else you can also scan the relevant QR code.
  • The senders will use this code or address to transfer coins into your wallet.
  • Click on the “Transactions” icon to review your wallet transaction history, and click on “Confirm” once the funds have arrived.

How Do I Make Payments with a Trust Wallet?

For making direct payments with the Trust Wallet app, traders should try the following steps:-

  • Sign into their Trust Wallet app and click on the “Send” button, a field will open where users need to paste the wallet address of the recipient. Instead of pasting the wallet address, users can also scan the QR code.
  • Enter the amount that you want to send and click on the “Next” button.
  • Review transaction details along with the gas price.
  • Click on “Send.”

Trust Wallet Supported Cryptocurrencies

Trust Wallet supports a total of 160K+ assets & Blockchains with cryptocurrencies including the leading ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. Although to check the full list of supported assets then click here.

Customer Support by Trust Wallet

The Trust Wallet mobile wallet is backed by a robust customer support team that can be contacted by a ticketing system. As soon as a ticket is raised by any trader, the customer support team promptly responds to it. There is also a comprehensive Help Centre with a dedicated FAQ section meant to answer all the probable queries of the traders. Users should therefore take a tour of the Trust Wallet mobile wallet before proceeding.

Trust Wallet Customer SupportTrust Wallet Customer Support

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As per our Trust Wallet review, there are no reasons not to qualify the mobile wallet as a reliable one. Also, according to the various other Trust Wallet Reviews available online, customers have praised the wallet and called it a secure multi-crypto wallet without any complaint. Its straightforward interface and a huge range of supported assets make it one of the leading crypto wallet till date. Trust Wallet clearly gives a competitive edge to other wallets with its wallet staking functionalities that most wallets don’t even give the option to its users. Moreover, the wallet confers users the ability to access various DApps through Trust Wallet itself, which is again a far-sighted move that will have long-term benefits as DeFi expands. Its partnership with Binance attracts more users (for money investing) from all over the world and therefore is a plus for the wallet.


Is Trust Wallet Safe?

The short answer is Yes, Although according to our Trust Wallet Review, we found out that the crypto wallet app employs a number of security mechanisms to protect client crypto holdings against hacking or theft. And Trust Wallet provides everything, so we can conclude that it is safe.

Is a Trust Wallet Safe For Bitcoin?

Yes, Trust Wallet is a safe wallet for Bitcoins and many other cryptocurrencies.

How Do I Put Money in My Trust Wallet?

Adding money to the Trust Wallet app is very simple. All that the users need to do is log in to their wallet account and click on the “Receive” button and paste your public key (or scanned QR code), wherein the senders would send funds to your wallet.

What Is a Trust Wallet Used For?

Trust Wallet is a software wallet that is used for sending, receiving, and storing Bitcoins and many other crypto assets safely and securely.

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