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Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites for 2021 – Top 20 Sites to Bet!



Betting has been around for decades, and 46% of American adults have at least some interest in sports betting. That equates to 106 million people, which is significantly more than 7.3 million who are already daily fantasy bettors. Today, the world of sports betting or gambling has evolved and become more profitable and easy to access for the majority of people around the world. With the rise of cryptocurrency, betting sites are accepting digital assets as wagers. People can easily place bets with popular cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and invest their cryptos for instant profits.

Best Bitcoin Betting Sites of 2021: Top 20 List

Bitcoin betting is new for most professional sportsbooks and betting platforms. However, it is becoming one of the most profitable domains in the betting landscape today. Bitcoin betting is bringing in profits for sites as well as bettors, enabling a win-win situation for all parties. In 2020, when the majority of the global population was confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 health crisis, Bitcoin betting became popular. So, before placing your first Bitcoin bet, let’s explore Bitcoin betting in detail.

What Is Bitcoin Betting?

Bitcoin betting is similar to the traditional form of betting. Just like traditional betting, which lets you place a bet using fiat currencies like the US Dollar. Bitcoin betting allows people to place their bets exclusively with Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency. In Bitcoin betting, there is no fiat currency involved. Instead, the bet is placed with BTC. People can place their bets with a fraction of BTC or multiple BTCs, depending on their willingness to stake the risks.

How Does Betting with Bitcoin Work?

The best Bitcoin bettors in the world are able to make thousands of dollars within hours. Such instant profits are possible because of the unique dynamics of this betting category. People can visit the Bitcoin sportsbook website and place their bets by using a crypto wallet. If they win their bets, the winnings are converted into the live price of Bitcoin and deposited into the betting accounts. These Bitcoin deposits continue to change in value based on the BTC price fluctuations. Therefore, Bitcoin sports betting is one of the few ways of earning maximum rewards by leveraging the advantages of crypto.

How To Bet With Bitcoin?

The process of betting with Bitcoin is easy. Before you start betting, you should own Bitcoin. This can be done by buying Bitcoin via credit card and debit card deposits on an exchange. BTC assets can be stored safely in hardware-only cold wallets or other crypto wallets. These stored BTCs can later be used to place bets by integrating the crypto wallet on Bitcoin sportsbook sites.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Betting

Betting with Bitcoin is becoming significantly popular in the cryptocurrency gambling world. For example, the majority of professional gamblers are placing their bets on casino related games and slots with BTC tokens. However, betting with digital currencies has several upsides and downsides. Let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of betting with Bitcoin.

Pros of Bitcoin Betting Sites

The best bitcoin betting sites offer multiple advantages to the user. Here are the main benefits of betting with Bitcoin.

Financial Privacy

BTC transactions are secured with advanced blockchain encryptions. Bettors can protect their wagers by ensuring the privacy of every Bitcoin deposit. This financial privacy helps them play better at online casino games.

Low Fees

These sites do not charge high fees, unlike traditional sports betting sites. Moreover, digital BTC transactions do not cost a lot for the customer. As a result, betting with Bitcoin becomes easy and cost-effective. Some of the best Bitcoin betting platforms charge less than 2% of the bet as transaction fees.

Play from Anywhere

You can access the betting site online from any part of the world. It is easy to place BTC bets on international sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup finals or Super Bowl. The safety of every Bitcoin deposit on a betting site can also be managed from anywhere.

Bigger and Better Bonuses

The biggest advantage of betting with Bitcoin is the higher profit margins. Cryptocurrency betting provides the best returns on accumulator bets. Returns on online betting with BTC change according to the active price of BTC.

Cons of Bitcoin Betting Sites

Potential rewards continue to attract millions of gamblers and sports fans to BTC betting. However, this form of gambling also has some significant drawbacks.

Lack of Regulation

Most BTC betting sites are not regulated by financial authorities. This is because gambling is illegal in several countries around the world. And, cryptocurrency gambling faces several regulatory shortcomings due to the untapped market. Crypto transactions are not properly regulated in developed economies such as the UK and the US. As a result, cryptocurrency betting stays under-regulated today.

No Official Betting License

A betting site that accepts BTC is unable to issue an official betting license. This is because there is no singleton authority ready to issue betting licenses to a BTC betting site. As a result, the reliability and trustworthiness of these sites are questioned. Storing their BTC winnings in cold storage of websites without official betting licenses is not secure. And, unlicensed betting is also a major criminal offense in most countries.

Untraceable Transactions

It is impossible to track BTC transactions outside the public ledger. A crypto betting site ensures that its sportsbooks are untraceable. With this, crypto betting and gambling sites can move digital assets without informing their user community. Furthermore, the loss of BTC cannot be recouped due to this absence of traceability.

Cryptocurrency Price Volatility

Bitcoin casino gambling sites often face a whirlwind of complaints when the cryptocurrency market crashes. If the BTC price sinks, the bets lose their value. As a result, the customer of a betting website is at risk of getting an undervalued return on the bets.

Bitcoin Betting Vs Traditional Betting

Crypto sportsbooks offer the best returns on bets. Over the years, the BTC market has been growing actively, which is why Bitcoin gambling sites are able to churn millions from pennies. Bitcoin sportsbooks are making more profits than traditional online betting sites. Bitcoin sports betting sites are also more engaging than traditional online betting sites. BTC betting sportsbooks are incredibly easy to use.

Selecting Best Bitcoin Betting Sites for You – 7 Factors To Consider

Before signing up for BTC betting and crypto gambling sites, there are a few things that one must consider. The following seven factors help in understanding the dynamics of BTC betting and sportsbooks. These factors also explain why Bitcoin gambling works differently than other sports betting sites and gambling sites.

Restricted Countries

Betting is not legal in most countries. In the same way, BTC betting sites are restricted in many countries. For example, US-based best Bitcoin gambling sites may restrict players from outside the country. Similarly, European Bitcoin sports betting sites may not accept players from some parts of the world.

Reputation and Licensing

It is important for players to review Sports bettings sites and online sportsbooks. A Bitcoin sportsbook that has faced cyber hacks and that has failed to provide winnings to its users cannot be trusted. Similarly, online betting sportsbooks which do not carry the necessary licensing are not safe for placing bets.

Sports Events Available

Before registering to Bitcoin sportsbooks, players should check if their sports category is available on the platform. People can place bets on any sporting event. However, these sports betting sites may not all have the same sporting event available for betting. On some sites, table games such as table tennis or chess are not available for bets.

Anonymous Bitcoin Betting With Bitcoin

The anonymity of the participants on best Bitcoin betting sites is high. A best Bitcoin sportsbook makes all its operations anonymous. This helps in making the entire process untraceable. However, that may not please some bettors. Participants should be aware of what data stays anonymous and what doesn’t on these sites.

Payout and Withdraw Speeds & Terms

Payment methods offered by online betting with BTC are mostly digital. If a customer is unable to use a crypto wallet on a particular site, it is not ideal. Similarly, the process of deposits and withdrawals on these sites also varies. Some sites offer fast deposits and withdrawals. Some sites support multiple payment methods.

VIP Programs and Bonus Offers

Online bitcoin sportsbooks provide various programs to their active members. Some sites offer lucrative offers to members of their VIP program. Similarly, high rollers in the cryptocurrency betting world get additional privileges from these sites. Every player can enroll in these VIP programs and gain bonuses.

Crypto Options

Like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, these sites also support other crypto options. Some sites allow players to exchange their BTC earnings for other cryptos. Similarly, people can switch between cryptocurrencies while placing their bets. Some sites also help in changing cryptocurrency after placing their bets.

Top 20 Bitcoin Betting Sites for 2021: List

The following BTC sports betting websites make betting with Bitcoin the most fun and profitable for bettors.

1. Stake

Stake – Best Sports Betting Site

Stake is the most popular sportsbook online. It helps in placing bets with good odds. It is a great website with an appealing user interface. The platform accepts minimum bets as well as large max bets. This Bitcoin sportsbook is also popular for perfectly integrating crypto betting bonuses. Games like Dota 2 and sports betting on this website can be managed easily from this site.

Pros and Cons of Stake

Pros Cons It uses the same account balance for casino related games and sports betting. The platform has set a high amount as the minimum withdrawal limit. The website offers good odds on live betting. It is compatible with all mobile and desktop devices.

Important Things to Know About Stake

Stake Restricted Countries

Australia, Curaçao, Cuba, France, Italy, Iran, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Syria, Sudan, Venezuela and the United States.

Stake Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Stake

  • The platform offers 50:50 equivalent odds on major events.
  • The website design runs intuitively on all devices.
  • In terms of the range of sports, all major leagues and events are available.
  • The types of bets for every event are spread across hundreds of huge betting markets.

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2. BetUS

BetUS – Top Online Betting Site is one of the crowd favorites when it comes to online gambling websites. It is operated from San Jose, Costa Rica. The platform has the best features for Bitcoin sports betting and casino gambling. The bonuses offered by the site, along with its promotions, help gamblers earn independently and increase the average payouts.

Pros and Cons of BetUS

Pros Cons Sports betting, casino, and poker are all easily available and well-supported on the platform. This platform has limited banking options. The platform provides a great depth for betting by diversifying the options. BetUS also has the best promos in the market. The platform ensures the fastest payouts.

Important Things to Know About BetUS

BetUS Restricted Countries

Netherlands, Costa Rica, Canada, Curacao, Panama, UK, Germany, Belgium, Philippines and Ukraine.

BetUS Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of BetUS

  • BetUS offers many casino options on top of its sports betting range.
  • Crypto bonuses starting from 125% to 150% are available, along with a 150% casino bonus and a flat 50% bonus on reload.
  • The website enables smooth navigation across different kinds of bets on various available gaming options.

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3. Cloudbet

Cloudbet – Best BTC Betting Site

Cloudbet is one of the few licensed Bitcoin gambling operators in the world. The website offers a wide range of betting options and it’s easy to create an account on the platform. It runs an elaborate BTC casino and has over 900 available gaming options for sports betting like Dota 2 and more. Participants from around the world can bet and store their BTC earnings on this platform.

Pros and Cons of Cloudbet

Pros Cons Cloudbet offers no withdrawal limits. The platform only offers hot, online cold storage of crypto assets, which is risky. The platform does not charge high transaction fees. The promotional offers and Bitcoin bonuses are very lucrative.

Important Things to Know About Cloudbet

Cloudbet Restricted Countries

Hong Kong, US, UK and Singapore.

Cloudbet Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Cloudbet

  • Players get a 100% deposit bonus with their first Bitcoin deposit.
  • Cloudbet offers a Sunday loyalty bonus of 0.001 BTC for every player.
  • Cloudbet also offers a 50% reload bonus on 5 Bitcoin deposits.

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4. Melbet

Melbet – One of The Top Sports Betting Sites

MELbet is a recent entry into the online gambling and betting industry. Creating an account on the website is easy, it also offers good odds on all betting activities. It is used for placing Bitcoin bets on the most popular sports events such as the Super Bowl and Major League Baseball. It caters to a wide variety of betting markets and provides competitive odds for tennis, soccer, Dota 2, and golf bets.

Pros and Cons of Melbet

Pros Cons The platform offers multiple methods for withdrawal, along with various online payment modes. The security of MELbet and its audit information is not detailed on the website. The website uses reliable security measures such as SSL encryption and 2FA. The Skrill payment mode is currently not accepted for withdrawal. Payout processing is done in under 15 minutes. It is one of the few platforms to support betting on online e-sports and video gaming competitions.

Important Things to Know About Melbet

Melbet Restricted Countries

Curacao, US, Spain, France and The Netherlands.

Melbet Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Melbet

  • MELbet online casino is licensed under the Curacao E-gaming authority.
  • The MELbet mobile application is quite useful for traveling bettors.
  • The welcome bonus on this platform is up to 50%.

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5. FortuneJack

FortuneJack – Best Crypto Betting Platform

FortuneJack is an online crypto casino that also runs a unique sportsbook. It has hundreds of games available for betting. The platform entertains online gamblers with in-play promos and lucrative offers. FortuneJack also provides free bets and pays players who diversify their bets across multiple sports gambling games.

Pros and Cons of FortuneJack

Pros Cons This website offers a massive selection of quality sports events. There is no FortuneJack mobile app available. The deposit bonuses offered are significantly high. The player gets better privacy and a highly responsive customer support service.

Important Things to Know About FortuneJack

FortuneJack Restricted Countries

There are no restricted countries of FortuneJack.

FortuneJack Available Cryptocurrencies

BTC and BCH.

Key Features of FortuneJack

  • All members of this website can place Bitcoin bets as in-play bets on football, baseball, tennis, hockey, and cricket events.
  • The maximum payout limit per bet is 10 BTC.
  • FortuneJack also provides countless prematch and in-play bonuses based on the betslip and across selected banking methods.

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6. 1xBit

1xBit – High Rated Sports Betting Platform

1xBit is a top bookmaker in the online crypto betting industry. It provides an excellent experience with its simple account creation process and easy-to-navigate dashboard. It is easy to withdraw and deposit Bitcoin on 1xBit. The site also provides casino games along with multiple betting options.

Pros and Cons of 1xBit

Pros Cons Multi Live Betting is the most attractive feature of the site. The platform has poor customer support service. The platform also supports live streaming crypto betting events with real dealers. Placing the same bet with multiple crypto coins is not possible. The Cash Back feature is another plus point for 1xBit users. 1xBit offers very high odds on basketball and baseball events.

Important Things to Know About 1xBit

1xBit Restricted Countries

United States

1xBit Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of 1xBit

  • 1xBit is also used as a Betting Exchange to trade in-play bets among other website users.
  • The platform makes lucrative bonus offers to mobile users.
  • It is available in almost every country, except the US.

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7. Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports – The Future of Betting

Nitrogen Sports is a Costa Rican online betting company. This betting website has a solid reputation in the market when it comes to providing its gamblers their earnings. It is also one of the few Bitcoin-exclusive sportsbook betting sites on the internet.

Pros and Cons of Nitrogen Sports

Pros Cons Nitrogen Sports offers one of the fastest Bitcoin payouts in the online betting industry. Bitcoin is the only option to bet. Compared to other sportsbooks, it primarily caters to US sporting events. The platform has high betting limits, suitable for pro bettors.

Important Things to Know About Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports Restricted Countries

UK and Costa Rica

Nitrogen Sports Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Nitrogen Sports

  • This platform has the best customer service staff, which supports its betting community proactively.
  • Nitrogen Sports provides reliable odds with the best betting options for almost every sport and league on the planet.

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8. Bovada

Bovada – Top Sports Betting Platform

Bovada is an offshore online betting company. It started out as Bodog and has evolved as a full-service sportsbook. This website is active in the online crypto gambling space. Participants can get access to unmatched sportsbook benefits with Bovada by creating an account. US residents have the advantage of betting Bitcoin on Bovada and experience the power of Real-Time Gaming (RTG) across sports events and casino events.

Pros and Cons of Bovada

Pros Cons The platform provides soft odds and helps in creating stable winnings for bettors. Bovada limits its bettors due to less exposure to certain markets. It processes high-volume payouts within seconds. The website charges a 5.9% fee on credit card deposits. The website also offers an excellent sign-up bonus to new bettors, along with rollover promotions.

Important Things to Know About Bovada

Bovada Restricted Countries

Rest of the World, except the US (States such as Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Nevada).

Bovada Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Bovada

  • Min deposit options on Bovada are designed for small-time bettors, helping them wager at low rates.
  • has improved its account security with a unique 4-digit PIN for withdrawals and logins with email address.

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9. SapphireBet

SapphireBet – One of the Best Betting Sites

SapphireBet Casino is a highly-rated online gambling platform. Sports betting is available on this platform. The website provides genuine odds on regional sporting events. It supports Bitcoin betting by providing fair conditions and high win limits. The withdrawals made on SapphireBet are influenced by the player’s performance, which is its unique selling point. Although to know more about SapphireBet, you can check this link.

Pros and Cons of SapphireBet

Pros Cons The website offers a huge selection of sports events and betting options. It is a relatively new casino and has received high ratings just recently. The platform provides 24/7 customer support to BTC bettors.

Important Things to Know About SapphireBet

SapphireBet Restricted Countries

Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, US and UK.

SapphireBet Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of SapphireBet

  • Soccer betting has the top priority on this website, followed by eSports, Rugby, and American Football.
  • SapphireBet also allows placing pre-game and in-play bets, even if there are no active games, under its Virtual Sports section.

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10. Betchaser

Betchaser – Best Betting Site to Try!

Gambling and sports fans recognize Betchaser as one of the newest reliable destinations for placing bets with their crypto money. The platform accepts bets across various sportsbook markets. It has been available for a couple of months and has already gained massive popularity. Betchaser is an all-around crypto gambling website that keeps sports bettors at the same time. BetChaser casino provides something for everyone, with a large game variety, various incentives to keep players playing in the house as often as possible, and an endless stream of jackpots.

Pros and Cons of Betchaser

Pros Cons Betchaser has the most leading software providers in the betting world. Payout processing is relatively slow on this platform. A 24/7 live chat option is available in English and Russian.

Important Things to Know About Betchaser

Betchaser Restricted Countries

Estonia, Australia, Denmark, Afghanistan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Pakistan and the US.

Betchaser Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Betchaser

  • The Virtual Bookie feature helps participants get multiple options based on wagering grounds on events such as horse racing tournaments and football leagues.

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11. Betmaster

Betmaster – One of The Top Sports Betting Sites

Betmaster is precisely what Indian bettors want when they search for crypto sports betting sites. By registering with Betmaster, users can get access to numerous BTC bonuses and crypto offers. As a sportsbook, this website is perhaps designed especially for the Indian market. It also runs a highly modern betting UX suitable for pro bettors.

Pros and Cons of Betmaster

Pros Cons Betmaster ensures fast withdrawal on BTC bets. The platform does not support American sports and leagues. It offers exclusive offers as a bookmaker and helps in converting bets with a maximum win rate.

Important Things to Know About Betmaster

Betmaster Restricted Countries


Betmaster Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Betmaster

  • The website allows Indian bettors to choose a Hindi version and place their bets.
  • It is a simple and user-friendly platform and supports advanced betting techniques as well.

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12. Thunderpick

Thunderpick – Top Rated Crypto Betting Platform

Thunderpick is an esports betting website. It also features a casino gaming section. Thunderkick, of course, concentrates on esports, and they have a wide variety of leagues to choose from. The platform supports pre-game and in-play bets and enables maximum payout with its betting tips. The website helps bettors place BTC bets on favorite esports teams.

Pros and Cons of Thunderpick

Pros Cons Thunderpick supports multiple payment methods for BTC deposits and withdrawals. The mobile app version of this website is not available. The Swipe feature of the website is easy to use. The website interface is seamless and user-friendly.

Important Things to Know About Thunderpick

Thunderpick Restricted Countries

US, UK, France, Poland, The Netherlands, Sweden and Malta.

Thunderpick Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Thunderpick

  • Esports betting features of this website are used for popular games such as DOTA, NBA2K, and League of Legends.
  • Brands like Thunderpick promote pool-betting for major sports events.

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13. – Must Try Crypto Betting Platform

BetCoin AG is a company that runs one of the best live betting services in the world. The website is designed for best Bitcoin sports bettors and supports almost every main market in the live betting domain. Games and sports from many smaller markets are also available here. The website is best used for in-play wagering and offers an impressive betting menu for every game.

Pros and Cons of

Pros Cons Players eager to place bets use this website to solve disputes and place pool-bets. The customer support team is not satisfactory. The website also provides a large deposit bonus for new users.

Important Things to Know About Restricted Countries

US, UK, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of

  • The website offers a first deposit bonus of 100% match up or adds 1 Bitcoin to the betting account.
  • BetCoin VIP Club helps participants in getting better odds on their bets as they move up different levels of this program.

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14. MyBookie

MyBookie – Bet on Anything with This Sports Betting Site

MyBookie is a relatively new entrant in the best Bitcoin sportsbook space. It was launched in 2014 but arrived late as the popularity of MyBookie grew consistently after improving its bonus offers. The website is providing high-quality sports betting services across different markets just by creating an account. MyBookie supports almost every competitive sports betting market in the world.

Pros and Cons of MyBookie

Pros Cons MyBookie accepts all sports-specific markets. The payout processing is slow on this website. This website is best to get early odds and highly competitive odds. A great variety of bonuses are offered on this site.

Important Things to Know About MyBookie

MyBookie Restricted Countries

Rest of the world, except the US.

MyBookie Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and BCH.

Key Features of MyBookie

  • The best feature of this website is that it helps bettors target the main events in NFL, NBA, Golf, MMA, and Boxing.

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15. Betflip

Betflip – Top & Best Betting Platform

Launched in 2019, Betflip is another new entrant in the sports betting realm. It works primarily as an iGaming operator. The website also runs an online casino with flexible betting options. This website aims to please amateur bettors. It provides exclusive benefits to loyal players and extends its sports selection with new bonuses on Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

Pros and Cons of Betflip

Pros Cons BetFlip supports an array of languages for its operations. The platform is currently not licensed as a crypto betting company. The platform offers dozens of betting options.

Important Things to Know About Betflip

Betflip Restricted Countries


Betflip Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Betflip

  • The platform is popular for offering real-time expertise on sports betting.
  • Participants use BetFlip to double their wagers during in-play bets.

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16. GTBets

GTBets – Top-Rated Sports Betting Site

GTBets is a legit online sports betting site you should not have problems using for your betting needs. GTBets likely isn’t a sportsbook that you will be able to play at long if you’re winning, but they’re a fine option, even considering how new they are to the market.

Pros and Cons of GTBets

Pros Cons GTBets has an excellent reputation for providing multiple bonus offers on first deposits. Odds available on this platform are sharp compared to other major markets. Lots of VIP features in the VIP program and free half-point rewards are provided by the site.

Important Things to Know About GTBets

GTBets Restricted Countries

Rest of the world, except the US.

GTBets Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of GTBets

  • Free monthly payouts are available for loyal customers of this site.
  • GTBets provides exclusive tips on sports betting to maximize the returns.

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17. Mr Sloty

Mr Sloty – Best For Live Dealer Games

Mr Sloty is a licensed gambling operator from Curacao. It has been running an online Bitcoin gambling site for a couple of years. The platform offers the best deals on sportsbooks and helps in supporting bettors with maximum payouts. The platform is designed to help bettors translate their casino winnings into Bitcoin-only sports wagers.

Pros and Cons of Mr Sloty

Pros Cons Mr Sloty offers bets on more than 30 sports events and uses the Multiview feature for managing these bets. The payout processing speed of this website is low. The website has few country restrictions compared to others.

Important Things to Know About Mr Sloty

Mr Sloty Restricted Countries

China, Israel, Hong Kong and the US.

Mr Sloty Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of Mr Sloty

  • Pre-match payout on this website is 93%, allowing players to place multiple bets on 30 sports, from football to speedway races and winter sports.

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18. Betway

Betway – Best Sports Betting Platform

Betway is a cool platform to place bets on popular Indian sports such as hockey and cricket. The betting odds offered by this site, along with the variety of sports markets, are impressive. BTC depositing and withdrawal options on this website are designed to exchange INR fiat currency. The platform also provides a generous welcome offer to Indian participants.

Pros and Cons of Betway

Pros Cons Sports betting markets across the globe are supported on Betway. No live streaming feature is available. The site is best used for live cricket betting across the Indian subcontinent. Poor customer support service has been reported by users.

Important Things to Know About Betway

Betway Restricted Countries

Australia, Mexico, North Korea, Bulgaria, France, Denmark, Romania, Singapore, Turkey and the United States.

Betway Available Cryptocurrencies

BTC and BCH.

Key Features of Betway

  • Cricket betting features are designed to customize the bets based on real-time score updates.

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19. 22Bet

22Bet – Top Live Sports Betting Site

22BET is an exclusive crypto sportsbook for sports buffs. This Cyprus-based company has been providing betting services for four years. It is one of the few sportsbooks to allow users a chance at preventing their losses by diversifying their bets. The operator not only offers a broad choice of sports and casino related games to wager on, but it also gives a generous deposit bonus (min deposit) and accepts a variety of payment methods. Its odds are likewise competitive, and participants may choose from a variety of markets.

Pros and Cons of 22Bet

Pros Cons 22BET offers a comparatively higher payout percentage than other sportsbooks. US-based participants are not accepted. It has established an online betting community of 400,000 active users. The platform supports multiple payment options for Bitcoin transactions.

Important Things to Know About 22Bet

22Bet Restricted Countries

US, France, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Belarus and Latvia.

22Bet Available Cryptocurrencies


Key Features of 22Bet

  • The site is popularly used for boxing events, particularly to wager high amounts on underdogs and new athletes.

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20. BetNow

BetNow – Best Crypto Betting Platform

BetNow is one of the oldest online sportsbooks in the world. It has been in the sports gambling industry for six years. The site accepts bets from players in the United States. It also helps in placing advance bets on upcoming sporting events within two-three year intervals. The platform is designed to support Bitcoin bettors across the US sports betting industry.

Pros and Cons of BetNow

Pros Cons Large deposit bonuses are provided by BetNow, followed by low rollovers. Navigation on the site is complicated. This platform is built with advanced betting software and also provides a freeplay bonus.

Important Things to Know About BetNow

BetNow Restricted Countries

Australia, Congo, France, Lebanon, Malta, North Korea, South Sudan and Yemen.

BetNow Available Cryptocurrencies

BCH and BTC.

Key Features of BetNow

  • This betting site accepts fiat currencies and helps them exchange for BTC.
  • BetNow also supports cross-over participants and their custom betting practices.

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Features of Bitcoin Betting

The following features define the workings of best Bitcoin betting sites and how they function inside out.

Deposits on Betting Sites

Deposits made with Bitcoin tokens can be used directly to place bets. Alternatively, users can make fiat currency deposits in exchange for BTC and place bets. The BTC depositing process is fairly seamless on all sites.

Withdrawing on Bitcoin Betting Sites

Withdrawals are provided instantly on most websites. However, some websites take more time than the rest to process these payouts. High-volume Bitcoin withdrawals are not charged on most sites.

Identity Protection and Taxes with Bitcoin Gambling

All Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and protected from third parties. Tax laws on these BTC winnings are ambiguous and mostly evaded by the bettors.

Mobile Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling mobile apps are easily available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. These apps provide mobility to the sportsbook platform.

No Third-Party Involved

Bitcoin betting sites are not partnered with any unreliable parties. These sites work independently and are licensed under a single company name (under laws and regulations).

General Rules of Bitcoin Betting

There are two basic rules to follow while betting with Bitcoin:-

  1. Do not share the private keys and public keys with the betting website.
  2. Withdraw the BTC winnings at the right time to avoid devaluation due to market dips.

Besides these rules, the Bitcoin betting world is quite flexible.

Growth of Bitcoin Sports Betting in Recent Years

As crypto users have grown in number in the last couple of years, BTC betting surged exponentially. The market for Bitcoin betting is booming with new users. Tech-savvy Millennials are using this avenue to make a good deal of money. In the past two years, the number of cryptocurrency users actively betting online has surpassed 100 million across the globe. According to a report, the total Bitcoin in circulation across these betting sites is expected to grow over 200% in the next five years.

Future of Bitcoin Sports Betting

In the future, cryptocurrency betting will emerge as the primary source of income for people from all walks of life. Bitcoin betting will generate funds for online casinos. The convenience of cryptocurrency and crypto casinos will make Bitcoin betting a common trend across countries. As countless websites host these BTC sports betting services, the future of crypto betting appears to be more promising than ever.


Is Bitcoin Betting Legal?

BTC betting is not legal in several countries, but at the same time, it is under-regulated, which makes it a grey area, according to some views.

Where Can I Bet With Bitcoin?

The sites we mentioned in the review are the best places to bet with Bitcoin.

How Do I Place a Bitcoin Bet?

By using any of the above sites, you can place BTC bets on sports and other events.

What Is a Wagering Requirement?

It is the minimum amount that needs to be placed on the bet.

How Do I Acquire Bitcoin?

Buying BTC from crypto exchanges and storing them in cold wallets is the best option.

What Sports Can I Bet on With Bitcoin?

Football, cricket, basketball, golf, MMA, and boxing are popular sports among BTC bettors.

Does Bitcoin Guarantee Anonymity?

Yes, BTC transactions are anonymous in nature.

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Countries like the United Kingdom have even legalized online gambling to support the system due to its growth prospects. As a result, it has led to an unprecedented surge of online casinos, offering customers variety and diversity. However, choosing one option amid the many alternatives can be difficult. That is why players usually opt for a well-established name with appealing perks.

Wild Tornado Casino is one such name with 4+ years of market experience. The online casino is also licensed under the Curacao Gambling Commission. Moreover, players can access over 6,000 slots and games on the platform.

It also offers deposit bonuses like free spins, cashback, reloads, along with a gaming portfolio covering 35 software providers. Evolution gaming, Red Rake gaming, Iron Dog Studio, Blueprint gaming, Evoplay entertainment, Genesis gaming, Yggdrasil gaming, Relax Gaming, Vivo gaming etc. are some of the software providers that help Wild Tornado.

Wild Tornado Casino User InterfaceWild Tornado Casino User Interface

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The list does not end here as the platform excels at customer service and payment options too. With such functionalities of casino, Wild Tornado Casino and spin bonuses are considered one of the best online casinos by many.

However, users still opt to read a comprehensive Tornado Wild Casino review to understand its features. That is why here is a detailed Wild Tornado Casino review to explain its features, security, casino bonus, etc.

Wild Tornado Casino Features (Voice Search and More)

Every Wild Tornado review must discuss its features, so here is an overview of the functionalities. The best part about the online casino is its quick registration process and deposit limits that allows new users to get started quickly. After creating an account, users can access more than 6,000 live casino games on the platform. The games come from well-known software providers like Big GAMING, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO, etc. Moreover, users can play the games for free with the emo feature.

After that, players need to make real money deposits on the platform. Making a real money deposit comes with additional benefits as the email and online casino provides a welcome bonus. The Wild Tornado casino bonus comes with a 100% money bonus of up to 1,000 euros and 100 free spins. Despite the standard 40x wagering requirement, the bonus remains free of any wagering requirement.

The Wild Tornado casino team has invested efforts to add every popular payment method on the platform. Players can make real money deposits on the crypto gambling platform via BTC, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafecard, WebMoney, etc.

Wild Tornado Features

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It supports languages like German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, help new customers navigate through the casino website. If an issue arises, users can access the service team via email, live chat, and phone. Other than such features, it also provides weekly casino bonuses like Monday reload bonus of 55% up to 100 euros. Players can use the code FIERY to get the bonus. With such features, Wild Tornado casino is undoubtedly one of the most promising ones in the industry.

Pros and Cons

No Wild Tornado Casino review can be complete without mentioning its pros and cons. That is why here is a brief overview of using WildTornado Casino:-

Pros Cons 4+ years of market experience 3x wagering requirements for deposits (10x for live table games) Licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Some countries have limited payment methods Games offer free demos Standard loyalty program 6,000+ games available from providers like Evolution Gaming, Evoplay En Casino welcome bonus 100% up to 1,000 euros and 100 free spins Instant deposit and quick withdrawals 24/7 customer supporting Live mobile casino available

How to Sign Up with Wild Tornado Casino?

Before getting started in Wild Tornado Casino, users need to create an account .Here is a step-by-step guide to do so:-

  • Start by reaching the official casino website.
  • Go to the top-right section.
  • Choose the Sign Up option.
  • A page like this will open on the screen.
  • Enter important information like email, password, and preferred currency.
  • Choose between the currencies and check the Terms and Conditions box.
  • Tap on the Next option.
  • A page like this will appear on the screen.
  • Enter details like first name, last name, date of birth, and gender.
  • Now, tap on the Next option.
  • It will open a window like this on the screen.
  • Fill the address and tap on Next.
  • Choose Yes to get bonuses and No to leave them.
  • Now, players will receive up to 100% match bonus and 100 free spins. The bonus code will be mentioned on the screen.
  • Tap on the Deposit option to invest real money, and email Wild Tornado will match the deposit 100%.

Sign Up Process at Wild Tornado Casino

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Wild Tornado Casino Games and Software

According to major online casino reviews, the reason behind Wild Tornado’s global popularity is its wide array of casino software and games. Here is an overview of the most used games section on the platform:


Slots are among the most popular games categories due to their simplicity. Players merely need to choose a slot and put coins to win rewards. Wild Tornado casino comprises numerous well-known slot games like email Hit the Gold! Hero and Win by Boongo, Elvis Frog in Vegas by BGAMING, Johnny Cash by BGAMING, Chilli Fiesta by Platipus, Book of Dead by Playn’ GO, etc.

The best part about the video slots on the platform is that players can use free spins and casino to win rewards from slots.

Enjoy Various Slots Games at Wild Tornado

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Table Games

Live table games are another e wallets popular category on Wid Tornado casino due to the sheer rewards and variety. It offers classic card games like Baccarat, Baccarat live, Video Poker, Blackjack, and Poker. Moreover, users can also play Roulette and Money Wheel at the casino. In addition, names like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, email NetEnt, Triple Edge Studios, Evoplay Entertainment, and Play’n GO provide live table games to the platform. Other than free demos, players can also use BTC to deposit money in the games.

Jackpot Games

Since Tornado Casino Wild offers a regulated gaming experience, players are ensured to get a fair rewards system. The chance to win a huge jackpot for minor entry fees attracts several players to the crypto casino. Moreover, games like Wolf Night by Boongo, Aztec Coins by Platipus, Scarab Boost by Boongo, and Monkey Jackpot by Belatra keep players entertained.

Play Jackpot Games & Win Big at Wild Tornado

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Live Casino Games

Live casino games differentiate from standard games in one regard, since they involve live dealers. The platform offers live dealers for games like blackjack, casino hold ‘em poker, American roulette, and baccarat. In addition, selective games allow users to spend the welcome bonus to place bets and win real money.

Wild Tornado Live Casino GamesWild Tornado Live Casino Games

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Wild Tornado Casino Bonuses and Promotions

The majority of popular casinos offer premium welcome bonuses, and Wild Tornado is among them. Here are the email casino bonuses players can use just for the win on the platform:-

First Deposit Bonus

The initial reward users get on the platform is the deposit bonus. It allows players to earn a 100% match bonus of up to 1,000 euros and 100 free spins. However, the reward comes with 40x wagering requirements with the bonus code WILD100. The bonus remains valid for five days, and the free spins are credited across five days.

Wild Tornado Bonuses

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Sunday cashback is a popular bonus on the Wild Tornado Casino. It allows players to earn up to 1,000 dollars as cashback. With some t & c, customers can get the bonus at 10x wagering requirements. The cashback expires in three days, so users need to utilize it quickly.

Weekly Rewards

Customers can access multiple weekly bonuses on the gambling platform. For example, the Monday reload bonus offers 55% rewards up to 100 dollars with 40x wagering requirements. The code FIERY helps customers get the rewards.

Saturday bonus offers 100 free spins with the bonus code LUCKY for 40x wagering requirements. Finally, there is also a weekly cashback on Sundays, offering up to 0.062 Bitcoin. Again, customers do not need any code, and there are 10x wagering requirements on it.

VIP Program

Every esteemed casino rewards its loyal customers with extra rewards, events, and cashbacks. Similarly, Wild Tornado offers a VIP program, offering better rewards, entries to VIP events, higher withdrawal limits, and better wagering requirements.

The program is divided into four levels, which are decided on the users’ lifetime spending. Players can unlock the Tornado Plus level after completing the first three VIP levels named Tornado 1, 2, and 3. Tornado Plus is the first level on the VIP program.

Every level unlocks after making sufficient real money deposits on the platform. Here are the four VIP levels:-

Tornado Plus (unlocked after 1,000 euros in deposits)

5 euros maximum bet on cashback, 8% cashback, 2x deposit turnover, 3,000 euros, 10,000 euros weekly, and 15,000 euros monthly cashout limit.

Tornado VIP 1 (unlocked after 2,500 euros in deposits)

10 euros maximum bet on cashback, 15% cashback, 1.25 Tornado points, 1x deposit turnover, 5,000 euros, 10,000 euros weekly, and 15,000 euros monthly cashout limit, VIP offers, and events.

Tornado VIP 2 (unlocked after 25,000 euros in deposits)

10 euros maximum bet on cashback, 20% cashback, 1.55 Tornado points, 0x deposit turnover, 5,000 euros, 20,000 euros weekly, and 40,000 euros monthly cashout limit, VIP offers, and events.

Tornado Master (unlocked after 25,000 euros in deposits)

10 euros maximum bet on cashback, 20% cashback, 1.5 Tornado points, 1x deposit turnover, 5,000 euros, 20,000 euros weekly, and 40,000 euros monthly cashout limit, VIP offers, and events.

Wild Tornado VIP Program

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Wild Tornado Mobile Experience

Although there are no dedicated mobile apps for the platform, users can access the website on most platforms. Users can launch the site on an Android or iOS device without compromising on quality. The platform is adjusted according to the screen size with esteemed graphics and immersive animations. Some users even find the mobile experience quicker. The payment methods remain the same for mobile platforms, allowing users to conduct quick transactions.

Wild Tornado Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Supporting different deposit and withdrawal methods is another reason behind Wild Tornado’s popularity. Here are some of the most popular ones:-

Security and Licensing

Casino Wild Tornado is licensed under the Curacao eGaming. Furthermore, it establishes esteemed security standards, showcased in its 4+ years of the unbreached run. Plus, customers need to complete the registration process to get started on the platform.

Customer Support

The Wild Tornado customer service team has amazingly created an ecosystem where users can resolve their queries. Customers can reach the support service in three ways.

The first is the FAQ section, enlisting the majority of the common user queries. The second is the email and phone support available on the website. Both services are available 24/7, offering seamless support to users. In addition, the casino also offers a 24/7 live chat option where users can instantly reach a customer executive regarding any complaint.

Wild Tornado Customer Support

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Our Verdict

Established in 2017, Wild Tornado casino is among the casinos that has garnered a user base in competitive regions like the United Kingdom. The casino is user-friendly with its website interface and welcome bonuses. It allows users to quickly make an account and make deposits to get cash bonuses and free spins.

With a license from Curacao eGaming, the casino ensures to provide a secure gambling ecosystem. Moreover, its 6,000+ games provide optimal entertainment and earning opportunities. The casino tops it all with 24/7 customer support present in three different methods. That is why it is safe to call Wild Tornado casino a viable platform that accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Games at Wild Tornado

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Is Wild Tornado Casino legit?

Wild Tornado is a legit casino operated by Dama N.V and licensed by Curacao eGaming.

Is there a no deposit bonus at Wild Tornado Casino?

There is currently no “no deposit bonus offer” available at Wild Tornado Casino.

What games can I play in Wild Tornado Casino?

Slots, card games, table games, jackpots, and live dealer games are available at Wild Tornado.

How many currencies does Wild Tornado support?

It accepts 10+ fiat and cryptocurrencies.

What are the minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal in Wild Tornado Casino?

The minimum deposit at the casino is 11.83 dollars, while the minimum withdrawal is 59.14 dollars.

How do I play live dealer games in Wild Tornado Casino?

Go to the official website, create an account, make a deposit, and access live games.

Can I withdraw bonus bet winnings in Wild Tornado Casino?

Yes, users can withdraw bonus bet winnings.

What are the wagering requirements in Wild Tornado Casino?

The wagering requirements vary between 10x to 40x, depending on the gaming category.

Can I play via the mobile site on Wild Tornado?

Yes, users can play via a mobile site at the casino.

How do I register on the Wild Tornado affiliate program?

Go to the official site and click on the Affiliates section at the bottom to enroll in the program.

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TrueFlip Casino Review 2021: Is It a Good Casino?




TrueFlip casino was founded in 2016 by the Blockchain Games NV company and started as a lottery for cryptocurrencies. Over time, the platform grew to become an online casino spanning more than 1,500 different games, and operating under a license issued by the Curaçao government. This casino offers games of all kinds, very convenient payment methods, good customer service, and exclusive bonuses and promotions. So read our TrueFlip casino reviews thoroughly and learn all its features, available games, bonuses, cashback offers, and more to explore the casino fully and earn huge rewards.

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TrueFlip Features

The following are a few salient gamification features of True Flip Casino:-

  • Rather a successful casino experience of users since 2017.
  • The gaming interface is easy to use and handy.
  • The registration process using email or phone number and a few other documents is very easy, handy, and stress-free.
  • A portfolio of over 1000 engaging online casinos games.
  • Prompt withdrawal and minimum deposit bonus in a variety of popular currencies (fiat currency, bitcoin cash, etc.) without levying any extra charges.
  • The bank transfers are highly diverged and convenient.
  • The software providing companies are highly esteemed.
  • World-class and prompt 24×7 customer service.
  • Very good maintenance of comprehensive data on games sessions and business history.
  • State-of-the-art security system with no storage of insightful client data.
  • The welcome casino bonus is 1BTC and 50 free spins.

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Pros and Cons of TrueFlip

Pros Cons The welcome bonus is very attractive and munificent with an adequate playthrough requisite A vast range of popular and convenient payment options available for players. Fiat currencies have the lowest and the highest minimum deposit/withdrawal amounts in place. Plenty of gambling games including crypto and jackpot games. The website’s layout appears too basic. Players can easily get access to 24/7 live chat for any query. Too many restricted countries.

Registration Process at TrueFlip casino

With a view to playing at True Flip casino, it is essential for every player to sign up for their website. The process is very simple and stepwise and that said, it will not consume over 5 minutes to wrap from start to finish. Take a look at the stepwise guide to create a player’s account at True Flip Casino:-

  • Visit and explore TrueFlip casino’s site on your device.
  • Hit the ‘Join’ or ‘Sign up’ button (in green color) visibly located on the website’s homepage.
  • Key in your email address and hit the ‘continue’ button.
  • Create a secure password to protect your online casino account.
  • Enter the currency you want.
  • Tick the 1st box to endorse that you are legally 18 and/or over years and adhere to the terms and conditions of the casino.
  • Tick the 2nd box to give consent to receive promo messages.
  • Hit the sign up button to wrap up the account registration process ultimately.

Your TrueFlip account is now ready to use, so you can start playing right away and flip with joy!

TrueFlip Casino Sign Up Process

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TrueFlip Casino User Experience casino is the ultimate hub of a broad array of gambling games for gamers who have a craving for taking the online gambling level to the higher levels. There is invariably something for every player at Casino.

In spite of the regular website design featuring purple and white hues, it is certain that you will flip with the fun and excitement the platform offers. The casino is compatible with not only desktop devices but also various tablets and other mobile devices for seamless gaming on the move. casino is a web gambling platform offering over 1,500 casino games powered by leading software providers in the marketplace. Whether you take fancy for online video slots, table games, crypto games, progressive jackpots, and live dealer games, True Flip has that all under one roof. That implies that the user experience will be one of a kind.

Casino Games and Software Providers of TrueFlip

Now let’s see what True Flip has to offer in terms of casino games. A fairly traditional set here includes video slots, scratch, dice, live casino, jackpot, card games, and others that constitute more than 1500 games live in general.

These all come from well-known software providers such as Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Evoplay, GameArt, Quickspin, Pragmatic Play, Play’n GO, BGaming, Playson, Spinomenal, Amatic, Edict, True Lab, and many others. All of them are studied and reviewed in detail. It is easy to elicit that all the software providers have been handpicking casino games live so brilliantly. By all odds, all these reputable software providers have already made a track record of providing a quality gaming experience to players.

True Flip Casino gives a top priority to gaming fairness, huge RTP, availability, and a variety of other criteria. The number of live casino games is increasing at a fast rate; to be precise, new games are incorporated on a daily basis, which means players can always expect something new while visiting it continually on a web browser.

Online Slots

True Flip casino offers a great variety of slot games from the most popular providers, such as NetEnt, Play’n GO, BGaming, Yggdrasil, and many more. It has slot machines of different themes and styles for all tastes. Some of them are:-

  • Book of Dead by Play’n GO (96.32% RTP): One of the most popular slot machines from Ancient Egypt, with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines.
  • Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play (96.51% RTP): Video slot featuring 6 reels and the tastiest candy and fruits imaginable.
  • The Ruby by iSoftBet (97.50% RTP) – A classic 5-reel, 30-payline slot with progressive jackpots.

Slots Games By TrueFlip

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Table Games

True Flip has a very complete table games section, with classic games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, and dice games. Within the section, players can filter their favorite games by categories or by game providers (Evolution Gaming, Playson, Habanero, Betsoft, etc). There are several versions of the more classic board games to choose from, as well as other card and dice games. Players can simply play for fun without wagering real money and try the games. It can also be played for real money.

Enjoy Table Games at TrueFlip & Earn Big

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Jackpot Games

A massive win is what any crypto gambling wannabe has a craving for while whirling the reels of their much-loved slot. The portfolio of jackpot games True Flip Casino offers is not only very large but also there are a few engaging titles that will enter your heart completely. By long odds, you will feel like trying your luck on Microgaming’s unparalleled legend Mega Moolah.

Then there are some other remarkable options, for example, The Reb Ruby, SuperFast Hot Hot, and Jackpot Rango, all of which are powered by SoftBet, a United Kingdom-based leading online and mobile casino games software providing company. Then you will also like to try out your luck on Lucky Lady and MrVegas, which also provide you with considerable fun, albeit their jackpot amount is relatively lesser.

Win Jackpots at TrueFlip & Earn Huge Rewards

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Crypto Games

True Flip, being one of the dedicated crypto casinos, features a range of amazing and highly coveted crypto casino games that function exclusively on the blockchain technology available. All these gambling games are exclusively created by TrueLab, which is an integral in-house member of the True Flip team. To play Crypto-Games, players essentially have to use cryptocurrency, which is always a huge positive. They are also incontrovertibly just, which adds another feather to their cap. In short, True Flip Casino offers a broad array of games for players to enjoy.

TrueFlip Casino Software

All the most reputable software providing companies power the TrueFlip live casino department. These companies have established them for the highest level of performance in running a live casino over time. With TruFlip casino software, your experience of playing live casino games will surely be out of this world!

Among all the casino software companies, for example, Elk Studios, Evolution Gaming takes the lead to power live casinos’ dealer games at TrueFlip. The company is at the state of the art in developing peerless live dealers. Over time, the software has been surfacing with new live dealers to keep you up to date.

Trueflip Game Providers

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Bonuses, Promotions and Free spins at TrueFlip Casino

True Flip has a stupendous welcome bonus that acts as a catalyst to prompt players to sign up for it. The welcome bonus offers 1.4 bitcoin and 150 free spins for players to give a shot at joining. This is dispersed across 4 welcome deposits in total. Also, the free spins welcome bonuses are disbursed in a variety of other international currencies for making the minimum deposit bonus. The free spins welcome bonus has the wagering requirements of applying it 35 times. These wagering requirements bonuses are with regards to both the amount of free spins bonus as well as any potential wins joint with the bonus for free spins.

There is also no lack of other bonuses, (From Welcome bonus to Henry’s bonus, VIP Bonus, Chain’s Bonus, and Free Spins Bonus) and promotions that True Flip casino offers. To be precise, the casino is very loyal in offering a variety of jaw-dropping loyalty programs, other crypto casino bonuses, and promotions for its dear players.

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Let us start first with the Star promotion. While participating in the promotion, players are typically rendered with bonus tickets that can be used for a range of casino bonuses. Plus, they offer a wonderful lottery available exclusively for players who use their gambling website as their selected TF crypto. The reason is that TF is the crypto created by True Flip Casino on its own.

True Flip Casino does not stop here in terms of promotions. In fact, there is a variety of rotating promotions that come to pass throughout the year. What’s more, you can also avail of holiday-themed special promotions offered for players to render them with a deluge of catchy crypto casino bonuses all through the year.

TrueFlip Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The following methods for deposit and withdrawals are available at True Flip casino:-

  • MasterCard and Visa Cards
  • Digital Wallets like Muchbetter, EcoPayz&EcoVoucher
  • Top Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, Bitcoin Cash, DOGE, & more
  • Jeton
  • Fixipay

For more information on the withdrawal and deposit methods click here.

Payout Speed

One of the highlights of using the True Flip website is certainly the deposit bonus payout, which is distributed right away. In other words, the casino is known well for offering deposit bonus instant payouts that are the magnet for every casino gambler. This is feasible only because of the use of blockchain technology for the processing of the payment. Unlike conventional payment methods, blockchain does not entail using any intermediaries, for example, financial banks. Instead, it utilizes a cutting-edge and peer-to-peer system, which is not only wondrously faster, more efficient but also is less costly as far as payment methods are concerned.

The least amount the casino facilitates you to withdraw is 0.001 Bitcoin; but, importantly, you will have to take the blockchain transaction fee into consideration.

Responsible Gaming at TrueFlip

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Languages Supported by TrueFlip

True Flip Casino currently supports English and six other popular international languages, for example, German, Swedish, Russian, Korean, Finnish, and French. That means a player can use the website in any language the casino supports. For any query, they can get in touch with customer support in a preferred language through live chat and/or email.

TrueFlip Country Restrictions

You may get access to the True Flip website from any region in the world; albeit it includes a number of restricted countries as follows:-

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Algeria, Australia, Aruba, Bahamas, Bahrain, Brunei, Bonaire Saint Eustatius and Saba, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Curacao, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Gibraltar, Ghana, Guyana, Guam, Hong Kong, Iron, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jordan, North Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Namibia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Omon, Pakistan, Panama, Papóa Nueva Guinea, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Reunion, Saudi Arabia, San Bartolo, San Martón, San Pedro and Miquelon, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tónez, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Yemen, Zimbabwe, and Wallis and Futuna.

TrueFlip Security and Licensing

Launched in 2017, TrueFlip Casino is very significant in the world of online bitcoin gambling. The portal is owned and regulated by Blockchain Games N.V. By all odds, TrueFlip is seamlessly licensed and regulated by Curacao. Players from maximum countries (with many exceptions though) of the world can get access to it.

Being one of the licensed and regulated online casinos, sticks to hard and fast gambling ordinances to deliver you with secure gambling experience. To ensure seamless security at this online casino, they invariably utilize best-in-class software programs, for example, SSL data encryption, malware, and firewall security technology.

All games are tried and tested regarding fairness and are powered by the Random Number Generator or RNG to ascertain the outcomes are haphazard and unhampered. consistently strives to provide Responsible Gambling to its players on a top priority. The casino offers a variety of account limits to help players stay under control. Some of the common account limits include deposit limits, loss limits, session limits, wagering requirements limits, time alerts, etc.

TrueFlip Customer Support

True Flip casino customer service is very good. Players can contact support any day of the week, anytime, via email or live chat in English available at the bottom right of the website. The casino also offers a help center with answers to the most common questions players may have: accounts, bonuses, deposits, etc.

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TrueFlip Casino Review: Our Verdict

We have thoroughly analyzed Casino regarding its reputation. In general, Casino, owned by Blockchain Games N.V – SGL STIPULUS GATE LTD, is among the best online casinos but you must take into account some questions. In our review, we have taken into account player complaints, estimated revenue, license, game authenticity, quality of customer service, terms and conditions, win and refund limits, and other factors.

Considering the research and calculations we have done so far, we have reached the verdict about this specific online live casino as follows: the layout and the website design appear peerless and catchy. An aquatic appealing theme with Flip, the lively dolphin mascot, welcomes you wholeheartedly to the website. The gaming platform certainly deserves a try, as a result of its watertight security and attractiveness.

The only demerit of Casino according to our True Flip Casino review is that it does not support Neteller or Skrill, which are today recognized as one of the most sought-after payment options. Plus, Casino holds a license solely from Curaçao which is not the most dependable authority in the marketplace. Last but not the least, the list of restricted countries on the website is extensively large, which is disappointing for players hailing from those countries.

In any case, you should definitely give Flip casino True a shot, especially if you tend to utilize cryptocurrencies for gambling. We prompt you to read the casino review end-to-end and become familiar with all the fine points of this online live casino.

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Is TrueFlip Casino Legit?

True Flip online casino, beyond any doubt, is not only legit but also an illustrious gambling hub of maximum web gamblers from different parts of the world. After all, it is a licensed online casino, which ensures its legitimacy. What’s more, it is certified by SSL, which is a hallmark of safety for the players. Another highlight of the portal is that no one has written any derogatory casino reviews about True Flip, which is a great thing about this online casino.

How Fast Is Cash Out at TrueFlip Casino?

This is basically dependent on the type of withdrawal method that you resolve to use. If you are using e-wallets or cryptocurrency, then the cash out will be wrapped up almost right away. However, in general, it is worth waiting for nearly seven working days if you are looking to opt for a more traditional cash-out option.

Are There Fees at TrueFlip Casino?

Well, no fees for deposits or withdrawals are charged by TrueFlip Casino. This is a very good sign and evinces that winners are treasured on the site.

Does TrueFlip Casino Have a License?

Yes, TrueFlip does have a license. The brick-and-mortar location of True Flip is in Curacao; suffice to say, the casino’s license is issued by the Government of Curacao.

Do You Need to Register at TrueFlip Casino?

If you intend to play at TrueFlip Casino, it is a must for you to do registration. Signing up is a very easy process, however. Simply hit the sign-up button on the live casino website and there you can carry out the registration process, which is very fast too.

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Stake Casino Review: Is a Good Casino?




Stake, founded in 2017 as an online casino that uses Bitcoin as the mode of payment. Stake comes with a huge variety of casino games, attractive welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and betting options. The list of options includes slot games, card games, betting shows, the option to bet on a deal live, easy to withdraw money options and much more. Curacao licenses Stake and the platform has been trying to build upon its reputation as a trusted gambling and betting platform.

As per Stake casino review, the platform also provides the option to buy cryptocurrency from its platform in exchange for fiat currencies. The newly bought cryptocurrency can be used to bet on the platform. It also allows the users to put wagers on live game shows and upcoming sporting events across different sports and game genres.

Essential Information of Stake Casino

  • Stake Casino is an online live casino where the users can use their cryptocurrency to bet, gamble and put wagers on various games, events, etc., on the platform.
  • Keeping up with the USP of cryptocurrency, Stake offers a relatively anonymous platform.
  • The users only need to verify their email before withdrawing their funds from the platform, but further verification might be required in some cases.
  • Individuals who do not own any cryptocurrency can also use the platform to bet/gamble as Stake has an option where the users can buy crypto in exchange for real money.
  • The list of available games on Stake is quite long and diverse, and merely slot games have over 811 options to choose from, apart from others such as Jackpot Slot, Virtual games, etc.
  • In addition to Bitcoin, Stake also supports various other cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Stake Casino User Interface

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Stake Casino Features

Stake has numerous features and primarily all the benefits to the users and has some added advantages compared to most online casinos, including an attractive welcome bonus and deposit bonus. These features are applicable from a gambling platform forefront and from the side of it being a platform that accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Being one of the top online casinos, the features of the platform start with a plethora of online and virtual games (as well as games that are Stake originals – exclusive games) that are present, a provision to bet on various significant sports and leagues, slot games, regular and consistent giveaways, etc. The game selection is among the more diverse ones across the industry.

The popular games on Stake are made of table games, virtual games, game shows, etc. The wagering requirement of the platform isn’t very high either, which brings down the entry barrier for the users instead of having them spend a crazy time searching for ways to get around the high wagering requirement of other platforms. This enables the players to have a better chance at winning more money without risking the equivalents of high Canadian dollars.

Explore Stake Casino Features & Earn More

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The platform accepts crypto and hence, the payment methods might look limited. Still, even the users who don’t have any crypto yet can use one of the deposit methods (including Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay). The users do not need to go through a cumbersome verification process for using the platform. However, negative casino reviews imply that this is not the case for every user. In case of a conflict, individuals might need to submit their detailed credentials before clearing the issues. Another enticing feature of the crypto gambling foundation is that it provides up to $50,000 in bonus every week.

The winner of this gaming is supposed to be chosen randomly from a list of all the users who use the platform regularly.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Stake casino offers anonymity in most cases, even at the time of withdrawal, and only asks for personal details when settling a dispute. Users can not use fiat currency to bet or gamble directly and the need for a cryptocurrency to use the platform is an added step. Being unique among the other online casinos, Stake has multiple cryptocurrencies supported on the platform and can be used to gamble. Although there is an option to bet on sports, the betting odds are not the greatest for Stake casinos and some alternatives might have better odds for major sports events. Stake offers various lucrative offers to the individuals for using their platform and these include weekly bonuses. Stake casino has implied that the platform might still need to work on its customer support team and add to its transparency. With an active community supported across eight languages and a high RTP (return to players rate), the platform can be regarded as a good and reliable platform.

How to Sign Up for Stake casino/ Registration Process

The signing up or registration process of Stake online casino is effortless and straightforward. The individuals who need to sign up on the platform and start betting/gambling can create an account with the help of an email address and a password. As the KYC is not mandated for the online casino, Stake can be used before completing the verification, unlike other online casinos.

The online casino does ask for a few things, such as the details about the date of birth of the individual and Stake aims to keep up as a reliable platform that does not condone or welcome underage gambling and betting from users who are not of legal age in their respective regions and locations. Upon sign up, the users using the platform through a desktop and browser would need Adobe Flash player for the platform to work.

Registration Process of Stake Casino

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Stake games

Slots (811 games)

As the name suggests, slots for those games where the users can take part without having any gambling knowledge because these games are purely based on luck and the platform and do not require much skill or experience to play. With over 800 slot games, the platform can be considered to offer to relax gaming that might return a quick buck. While slots are not the online casino games with the highest return ratio, they are one of the most popular online casinos that offer gamblers.

Live Casino (20 games)

Like an older and conventional physical casino, the users of the platform can get a realistic and pristine environment with the help of the option of “LIVE CASINO.” Under this option, there are about 20 games where the individuals can get a more raw and closely-knit betting experience. These live games vary from each other in the sense that in some cases, the dealing of the game is LIVE, while in other cases, the outing of the results might be the live-action that is going on. Having 20 live casino games might not sound much at first, but the support that comes from a way beyond a thousand total.

Play Live Casino Games at Stake & Enjoy!

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Game Shows (7 games)

Game shows are digital events where any users of the platform can join and get a chance to win big rewards and jackpots, which would increase the viewership and increase engagement on the platform. The game shows present on Stake are highly popular among the users as their chance of winning on the online casino is higher than other platforms. This game also helps build up the community and increase the user base of the online casino. The betting amount is not very high at these shows, while the winnings can be substantial for the lucky ones.

Jackpot Slots (41 games)

Unlike other slot games, Jackpot slots are somewhat different, even though they share a common name. These slots can either be high staked or low staked; that is something which users can choose. These slots can offer much higher rewards than the traditional slots, albeit the risks might also be higher in some of the cases. The winnings from these slots can be as high as six or seven figures, but the betting on these slots is progressive and sometimes, the users might have to bet a few dollars on every slot.

Feature Buy-in (58 games)

Feature buy-in comes as yet another feature of the Stake online casino where the users can buy additional featured slots and continue to play their favorite casino games. These feature buy-ins are basically the bonus slots for slot games that can be regarded as an added functionality. These bonuses can be availed in a heap of slots. These buy-ins work in a simple manner, the individuals can pay an amount which can then take them to the featured part of the games, the bonuses. They are present in various online casinos and are gaining popularity.

Feature By-in Games by Stake

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Virtual Games (9 games)

Virtual games are non-conventional games that are common on various online casinos and betting platforms. These games often do not have the option to have a video stream and are missing from physical casinos. The online gambling industry is coming out with more and more virtual games due to their relative ease of making new ones and being able to add them to the platform without extra hassle that might be associated with some older games with much more varying rules and methodologies of playing depending upon the geographic locations. The Stake casino is also an online casino that offers virtual games.

Table Games (41 games)

Table games form some of the oldest forms of casino games and they include a number of gambling games and betting systems. Most of the table games are dealer operated and the users might have the option to play along with a live video on some platforms which serves to add transparency to the platform and inspires trust in the gamblers who are putting their own money up for the bet. These are the games that are often said to require skill, practice and experience. Apart from the hand that is dealt, having skills and experience do affect the odds of winning in these games to a small extent. One of the more niche games is Caribbean stud poker.

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Blackjack (4 games)

Blackjack, also known as 21 is regarded as one of the easiest to learn games that are played at casinos. Blackjack offers a quick way for gamblers to double their money as the very essence of the game is double or nothing. The Stake casino has many Blackjack games present on its platform for the users to play and stand a chance to win big. Similar to other table games, Blackjack also requires a dealer to play and the odds of winning are directly dependent on the cards that are dealt with by the players as the house stands at an advantage.

Baccarat (6 games)

Baccara, also commonly known as Baccarat is another dealer-based card game that is popular among seasoned gambling players. Unlike most games, the dealer and the player are called ‘banker’ and ‘player’ respectively. Similar to the offline version, the Baccarat at Stake casino also has three of the possible outcomes, namely, ‘player’, ‘banker’ or a ‘tie’. The odds in this game at a table ranges from 1.01 to 1.24 % and the bets tend to be higher in the game of Baccarat than other card games such as Blackjack. This is also the reason that beginners do not prefer the game of Baccarat.

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Roulette (8 games)

Last but not least in the list, the next category of games available on the Stake casino is the Roulette. The high-risk high-reward game has 8 different versions of the traditional spin game. RouletteStakes is one of the platform’s original games and has a very intuitive as well as detailed interface. The digital version of the game holds the familiar and classic color scheme for the game and users can enter the amount of Bitcoin they want to go on the left side of the play game area. There is a manual mode for spinning the wheels and also an automatic mode where the players can set the automatic betting amount, rewards and other details.

However, users are reminded to keep a check on their betting amounts constantly before they end up gambling an unintended amount in the games.

Bonuses and Promotions

The platform of the casino is frequently coming out with promotions for the casino which serves as an incentive to new users or gamblers looking for a new betting platform. These promotions come in the form of casino points, free items or other advantages that can enhance the already rewarding gambling interface and game graphics that the Stake casino has built in it.

The number of promotions available on the website stays over 5 at most times and can even reach over a dozen. In the past, the casino has given away supercars through online raffles aside from the weekly and monthly bonuses, not to forget the lack of a welcome bonus.

Weekly $100,000 Giveaway

While the amount has not been fixed all the time, Stake casino gives out $100,000 as a part of their weekly bonus to its users. This giveaway can only be availed by one of the existing members of the platform and the individuals who are not registered with the platform can not make use of this rewarding opportunity. Furthermore, there are additional casino bonuses going on that might also update weekly aside from the weekly races where the total winning amount can reach a staggering $250,000. These are only some of the bonuses that are going on the sports betting site and crypto casino that is Stake originals.

To enter or check these bonuses and giveaways, the individuals can go to the Stake website.

VIP Program

Stake website mentions the VIP program that the crypto casino offers but it is apparent that the only way to become a VIP at stake casino would be to get invited from the platform itself and unlike other casinos, the trade of gambling or tier does not let users become a VIP. However, the odds of being invited to become a VIP would definitely rely in the favour of users who tend to use the platform more often than not and bet large sums of money.

Other Available Bonuses

The remaining part of the bonus story is of ongoing nature. While the giveaways do seem lucrative, these are more bonuses that go live quite frequently. At the time of writing this article (August 2021), there are more than 10 bonuses and promotions that are active and can be read about at the Stake website. These giveaways and bonuses are for casinos and there is an entirely separate list of the sportsbook section of the online crypto casino. One such promotion is the Stake x Watford $250,000 race that is life at this moment.

Stake Casino VIP Program Benefits

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Stake on Mobile

In order to complement the desktop and browser version of the casino, Stake also has a mobile setup where the players can gamble on the go and operate in the betting world through their mobile phones. The mobile platform of the casino is also well put together and all the software providers have made the games play well with the mobile experience. The mobile experience might be slightly different for the users who tend to keep an eye on the free spins and these free spins are offered regularly on the desktop platform of stake gambling.

Payments By Stake Casino


Although the Stake is a crypto-only casino, the brand has made provisions for individuals to be able to buy crypto using fiat currencies directly from their platform. This ensures that the users never have to leave the platform to get started on betting and playing. The deposit methods include MASTERCARD, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more. This stake review is exhaustive, thus, it is important to mention that there are not recorded deposit limits on the betting and staking site.


The withdrawals on the platform are simple and easy to use but since the deposits only happen in crypto, the withdrawals have to be in cryptocurrency. But the withdrawals being crypto-based has an advantage that most users do not need to enter all their personal details before being able to withdraw their winnings from their Stake account at the platform of Stake casino.

Maximum Payouts

Stake casino is one of the few to offer no maximum payout limits. But on the other hand, there are minimum payout limits for the users and those must be abode by the users. The lack of a maximum limit and presence of minimum withdrawal limits could encourage users to withdraw only once their winning is substantial and more than a few nickels and pennies here and there. In addition to these criteria, the payout from the platform comes with a fee and each time users go for a payout, the fee is applicable. However, the fee charged by Stake is fixed and does not fluctuate based on the number of funds that are in question.

Payout Speed

An inherent benefit of crypto transactions is that there is not much delay when it comes to the deposits and withdrawals from the platform. The payout speed is instant as the transfer of funds to and from the casino do not come with any delay. In the case of an unstable network, the payout might take a few moments but the majority of transactions are instantaneous.

User Experience

Stake casino is regarded as one of the best platforms due to its unparalleled user experience. The casino is richly themed and the stake platform is garnished with a detailed graphical visual. Each feature from a slot machine, to hacksaw gaming, provably fair originals and competitive wagering requirements, all are designed to enhance the experience of the players of the platform. There is a missing functionality that prevents the users from gambling in excess and checks up on their gambling habits and addictions.

Live casino titles are quite immersive and the Stake’s own provably fair games are programmed to a point that the gaming itself can be fun on the Stake site apart from the monetary gains that come with it. Heavy users of the platform can also get a dedicated VIP host which would further improve the user experience for a pragmatic play. This would also take the setup of push gaming to newer heights.

Licensing & Safety

As aforementioned, Stake casino is licensed by the Curacao gambling authority. The authority maintains the company’s gambling permit and oversees other details. Stake offers a safe platform where the security measures such as two factor authentication have been deployed. To be able to be classified as the best casino, Stake might have to add some more cutting edge features and make their platform truly impenetrable.

Customer Support

The live chat support that is active round the clock is one of the best features from a customer support perspective. The users can contact Stake through either this chat feature, email or social media channels. While the customer support team tries to be vigilant, they do not hold the best reputation and are neither reputed well in the casino review of the online gambling platform.

Stake Casino Live Chat SupportStake Casino Live Chat Support

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Our Verdict – Stake Casino Review

The gambling options and betting versatility make Stake a truly unique platform. The impressive list of features like software by evolution gaming, free spins, deposit bonuses, no payout limits and competitive odds with enticing Stake bonuses make it a good recommendation for the users who are looking for an anonymous platform that enables trading through crypto.


Is Stake gambling legit?

Yes, Stake has been able to get a good reputation for itself as a legit platform for gambling and sports betting.

Can I Play With Fiat Currencies at Stake Online Casino?

The users can indirectly use fiat currencies to play in the casino. Fiat currencies can be used to purchase crypto through the platform itself, and then crypto can be used to bet on the platform.

Can I deposit using Bitcoin at Stake casino?

The users who wish to deposit Bitcoin to Stake casino can transfer their crypto from their crypto wallets to the Stake wallet.

Can I Use Bitcoins?

Yes, Bitcoin is among the list of supported cryptocurrencies on the platform and can be used for betting.

Can I Use PayPal?

No, at the moment, Stake does not have the support for payments using Paypal.

Can I Play From the UK?

No, the UK is among the list of restricted countries for Stake casinos and thus, residents of the UK cannot play on the platform. Stake is especially inviting for Canadian players supporting the local fiat currency.

Is there a welcome bonus?

No, despite the fact of having numerous bonuses and giveaways, the platform does not have a welcome bonus. There might be some benefits going on select options that are used to withdraw money, but those are usually provided by the banks and come with special gambling cards that have tie-ups with the company by association – unlike this crypto gambling foundation.

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